Tuesday, June 6, 2023

#BookReview of Unlock Happiness By Mastering The Self by Shobeir Shobeyri

Unlock Happiness By Mastering The Self

By: Shobeir Shobeyri
Publication Date: March 15, 2023
ISBN: 979-8387216138
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: June 2, 2023
Unlock Happiness By Mastering The Self is a practical resource that unlatches practical steps to attaining true happiness, and a triumphant feat in its own right.
We all strive to achieve happiness in every aspect of our lives. However, happiness seems evasive for many and few know how to achieve it. Some are convinced that happiness lies in having lots of money, huge success, or relationship bliss. To many others, it is the mental state of a person living a healthy lifestyle, practicing gratitude, getting plenty of sleep, acknowledging the happy moments, and keeping a journal. But does a deeper and more acute journey of finding true happiness exist that helps unravel the human experience? And does it go beyond the superficial and cursory level?
Unlock Happiness By Mastering The Self is a powerful and succinct text written by Shobeir Shobeyri, a passionate explorer of the intricacies of the human mind and its various dimensions. The book takes a deep dive into the details of uninterrupted happiness by tackling the source of our existence, offering practical steps of mastering the Self and ultimately harmonizing the Body, Soul, and Mind, the result being happiness in every breath. The author breaks down the information into five distinct chapters with each chapter building upon previous chapters with precision and candor.
Mastering the Self, according to Shobeyri, is like playing a beautifully balanced game. Like any good game, it has its origin story, basic mechanics that you need to learn and understand to survive, and advanced mechanics you need to master to thrive. Here, he offers these and much more as he advises on how to free oneself from outside influences, resolve the identity crisis that may have developed at an early age, and years of suppressing it, identify the core reason for your unhappiness, and learn to overcome it. The tapestry does not tally in its progress but hurtles along with its fresh ideas and thought processes which apprise and inform in an easy and accessible language. Shobeyri avoids the current wave of rehashed ideas and opinions frequently offered on this much-discussed topic and instead offers an invigorating and fresh look at how to unlock one's true potential.
The book asserts that for true happiness to be attained, there has to be a true balance of Self as the body, mind, and soul are thoroughly intertwined and inseparable. The author adds that a person cannot focus on one of these aspects and leave out the other two since this will lead to discontentment. He advises readers to learn about each one of the three desires and what the content of each one is to be able to harmonize the entire Self. He further puts forward nine Self laws and breaks down these into smaller and sizable bits with their subtopics for straightforward consumption. Here patient readers will be amply rewarded and will find themselves going back to the book's previous chapters to dig up the nuances they may have missed during the first reading.
Quill says: Unlock Happiness By Mastering The Self by Shobeir Shobeyri is a genre-bending tapestry with a wide orbit that proves that happiness is not a paradox but is indeed achievable.

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