Tuesday, June 6, 2023

#BookReview of Stuff & Nonsense by Dale Andrew White

Stuff & Nonsense

By: Dale Andrew White
Publisher: Twin Rivers Press
Publication Date: May 2, 2023
ISBN: 979-8392693030
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: June 5, 2023
Short fiction author Dale Andrew White is back again with another collection of humorous and fun short stories entitled Stuff & Nonsense. White is known for blending his engaging imagination with novel, comical short stories which, together, combine to create an unexpected and entertaining collection of anecdotes.
White divides his book into two sections as listed in the table of contents: Stuff and Nonsense. In the Stuff section, there are 20 short stories, ranging from letters to the mayor and messages from the CEO to a listing of book, movie and TV show titles we would like to see, while the Nonsense section is made up of a humorous, off-beat collection of the history of the United States separated by each state.
With over 60 books to his name, White is not new to the art of crafting satirical short stories and compiling them into a fresh, new and exciting collection for short fiction lovers. His writing is entertaining and clever, often poking fun at cultural or societal issues. It is what can easily be characterized as slapstick humor, reminiscent of The Three Stooges type of comedy. White’s humor is raw and often in-your-face. Readers of White’s stories should not be easily offended, as his sense of humor is more often than not off-beat.
White has often been called a natural-born storyteller, with his eccentric, bizarre and quirky sense of humor shining brightly in all he writes. His collection of books includes such variety as film critiques, Florida history, celebrity interviews and silly, slapstick comedy. Some of his collections of short stories have been nominated for the James Thurber Prize for American Humor.
Stuff & Nonsense is an easy, delightful read that can effortlessly be started and finished in one relaxing afternoon. It is sure to make the reader laugh out loud at times, ponder interesting topics at other times and nod in agreement at still others. White includes such a variety of themes in his stories to hold the interest of a broad audience, which is a very clever way to arrange his books and make them appeal to diverse booklovers. White’s writing style is simple, yet it works superbly to convey his points and narrate his amusing stories.
Quill says: With Stuff & Nonsense, White has authored another hilarious, wild, and unexpected collection of stories that will take the reader on an enjoyable adventure from the very beginning until the last page has been turned. His off-the-wall sense of humor shines through in these stories and keeps the reader engaged throughout the entire book.

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