Friday, June 23, 2023

#BookReview of The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field

The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field: Pythagorean, Hermetic, and Shamanic Journeys into Invisible and Ethereal Realms

By: R.E. Kretz
Publisher: Inner Traditions International, Limited
Publication Date: July 11, 2023
ISBN: 978-1644117828
Reviewed by: Rebecca Jane Johnson
Review Date: June 22, 2023
If you are seeking esoteric wisdom that recognizes the power of the human pineal gland, that invokes the alchemical process of Freemasonry, that embraces Native American shamanism, and that touches the elusive Philosopher’s Stone, The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field, a very unique book, will guide you.
A partial map of the Degrees of Masonry, this book is structured in three parts: The Bell, The Book, The Candle. Part One, The Bell, defines the Order of Ophiuchus as a natural philosophy of metempsychosis. Part Two, The Book, discusses the Philosopher’s Stone as the elixir of immortality. Part Three, The Candle, discusses energy, vibration, and frequency and how to understand the anatomy of the Third Eye to empower inner journeying and life transformation.
This deep exploration is for those who have been curious about utilizing the ouroboros, the tetractys devised by Pythagoras, and the symbol of the High Priest of the Royal Arch Masonry not just as objects of meditation and contemplation but also as companions to refining innate human powers of knowledge, intelligence, and relatedness.
The deep dive into sacred geometry inspires awe as this book traverses the hidden wonders that are in plain sight. We probe the wisdom of thinkers from Aristotle to Thomas Aquinas, from Count Michael Mier to Nickola Tesla, and many more. Contemplation of the Kabbalist Tree of Life is interwoven with the Hindu Shiva lingam. We are inspired to ask questions regarding the significance of the oblong square shape of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Lodge of the Freemasons. We grasp the deepest significance of water, salt, and carbon with their play in the glands, the spinal column, and the brain stem. Plus, we see ways all of these are conduits of energy that we can craft to harmonize body, mind, and soul with the universe. Ultimately, we can integrate esoteric knowledge and use it to convert our mind and body from lead into gold.
This is just the first book in a series that will be a map of the Order of Ophiuchus, so stay tuned for more gems to come from this master wisdom jeweler, R.E. Kretz.
Quill says: Enlightenment, meditation, and the powers of the human body and mind have never been so clearly described, illustrated, and made accessible to everyone, until now with the publication of The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field.
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