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#BookReview of Find A Job That Fits Your Life

Find a Job That Fits Your Life: Land Your Dream Job With This Personalized Guide

By: Dennis Guzik
Publisher: Quail House Publishers
Publication Date: April 26, 2023
ISBN 979-8-9878783-0-9
Reviewed by: Douglas C. MacLeod, Jr.
Review Date: June 21, 2023
Since COVID-19 started, in what has been called “The Great Resignation,” thousands of employees in a variety of businesses have been quitting their jobs for a multitude of reasons, but primarily because they simply are unhappy and want to move on to something new, different, and fulfilling. Why work in a place where you are not content, even if it pays well and provides stellar benefits? Why not release yourself from what Dennis Guzik in his new self-help book Find a Job That Fits Your Life: Land Your Dream Job with This Personalized Guide calls “The Job Trap” so you can find what he additionally calls your “Sweet Spot?” This astute and timely work is a way for those looking for a fresh start to do so safely and responsibly, by taking measured approaches at switching occupations during what is currently an economically unsound time.
Guzik, a modern-day Dale Carnegie, starts his book with a very significant but simple concept: Why not have a job that fits into the life you want? In essence, the text is not about the job, which is oftentimes looked at as being an integral part of our identity. Instead, the text is about how we live our lives and whether or not we are living our best lives, which includes professional satisfaction. The way to figure that information out, however, is not to just leave and go to the next job. Guzik claims those considering new career paths need to go through the “Job Fit Process,” which means they need to make sure the job fits their wants and needs, they are good at the job they want to go into, and there is a market for what it is they want to do. Being that Guzik was in the military, he uses his training as a tool to help his readers by stating they have to be strategic, operational, and tactical in the way they go about working on their objectives. Without this sort of plan, the consequences can lead to them not getting to the next level, let alone their goals.
Much of Guzik’s book presents easy-to-use exercises for readers to help them deduce if the job they are seeking is the right one for their “Life Wants and Needs” and “Career Wants and Needs.” He claims the way to assess these wants and needs is using the SWOT method: they must think about what their strengths and weaknesses are as well as what sorts of opportunities and threats are out there for them moving forward. Leaving a job needs to be more calculated and precise; however, it also has to be done to ensure they find the “Sweet Spot” they are pining for. This process includes creating a series of lists and making sure those lists are written down, that way those attempting to change careers can see what is truly the best options for them.
Find a Job That Fits Your Life ends with some tried-and-true tips and ways to ensure a job seeker finds the perfect position for themselves, from how one presents themselves in front of a potential employer to how to write a resume and cover letter to how one knows how to accept the position. Ultimately, by the end of his work, Guzik is quite successful in presenting material that can help those in misery get into something they truly want to do.
Quill says: Find a Job That Fits Your Life is a useful and limpidly-written tool for those seeking help and joy in their professional lives.
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