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#BookReview of It's About Time by Mickey Bridges

It's About Time

By: Mickey Bridges
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: June 2022
ISBN: 978-1667837529
Reviewed by: 978-1667837529
Review Date: January 5, 2023
A stirring memoir set to inspire and revolutionize, through a touching life testimony that will consume emotions and disrupt the ordinary flow of thoughts, driving the reader into considering individual life decisions and actions from a different standpoint awaits within the pages of It's About Time.
It's About Time is a true story that explicitly recounts the life history of Author Mickey Bridges, right from his youth to his prime years. This chronicle has been told in a manner and presentation that grips from the first to the last page. Bridges did not come from a thriving family but one that seemed to roll in utmost destitution and scantiness. The author's mother became a single parent due to his father's absence and contemptuous attitude that regrettably injected a persistent feeling of betrayal and loneliness by the very image of a mentor that he so desperately needed.
As expected, the shame, fear, and hopelessness Bridges experienced as a young teen greatly influenced how he saw and interpreted the world. An anxious and deep desire to get a slice of life's success drove him to set in motion friendships that would sink him deeper and deeper into drug use and dealership. This sad state of affairs influenced by errant decision-making and poor background placed him in the class of underprivileged children who've had the streets as their only teacher.
A ceaseless sense of helplessness and wretchedness became the main predisposing factors for Bridges' substance abuse that saw him slowly but surely graduate to a hardcore user and peddler. The most painful time in his life was when the heartbreaking news of his mother's death hit his eardrums while in prison. Readers can't help but feel the great weight of regret and remorse painted on Bridges' face as he internally deliberated on how he could change his actions and choices. Changes that he wanted to make as a tribute to his departed mother, and changes that saw a timely decision that would greatly influence his future.
This beguiling memoir is chockfull of life lessons and thoughts that aptly confirm that one shouldn't wait for good things to happen but instead should make them happen. The author refused to stay idle after prison and overthink but instead took a step ahead in the direction he wanted to go. His story also challenges readers not to wait for unfortunate situations to make life-transforming decisions.
The way Bridges overcame addiction, personal weaknesses, and bad company to become a home-ownership agent, singer, and an ordained minister of the Gospel is an insightful expedition that stands out from all angles of looking at it, making this book a very welcome resource to readers who may be struggling with similar challenges and trials. Overcoming diverse challenges ranging from an impatient wife to an absent father hasn't proven easy for many people, but this book beautifully confirms that once one does so, one grows resilient and learns not to rely on others in determining their self-worth, potential, talent, and skill.
Quill says: It's About Time is an impressive read that demonstrates the significance of a decision because each one we make has a positive or negative outcome. It is a must-read memoir that undoubtedly convinces readers that placing faith in God and having personal accountability is the epitome of a stable and content life. Its language, straightforward and honest, is one that will soothe readers into critical thinking and analysis of their way of life and orientation.
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