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#BookReview - King of Nord & The End of All Religions & Peace and Security on Earth by John Sky

King of Nord & The End of All Religions & Peace and Security on Earth

By: John Sky
Publication Date: November 2022
ISBN: 978-3756548521
Reviewed By: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: December 31, 2022
King of Nord & The End of All Religions & Peace and Security on Earth is a look into the future of our world based, in large part, on Daniel’s prophecy regarding the end of the world.
In King of Nord, author John Sky shares with us his beliefs regarding Daniel’s prophecy and the question of whether or not the world is actually headed for a “final showdown.” It is certainly possible, after all, the earth and all of its inhabitants have been at some kind of war since it began and faith has been a part of our world in one form or another since humans began to exist so there is always a correlation between war and religion. We have seen this from the Roman Empire all the way up to the war in Afghanistan in the present day.
Among the many insights in the book are the author's analysis of the various empires of the past and the current superpowers; an explanation of how the author believes that the eventual ruin of the world will begin between all of the nations; and an idea of what will be left on Earth when that final destruction occurs. I found it very interesting when the author discussed the fact that in the prophecy of Daniel, a prophet who lived more than two thousand years ago, a giant statue was described that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon saw in a vision. Daniel then explains to the king that each separate part of the statue is a representation of political forces. The author, in turn, gives us his interpretation of the statue and what he thinks each part stands for.
The way that Mr. Sky constructed his book definitely gave me, and probably any other reader, the opportunity to reflect on many different positions in life regarding faith, our own personal beliefs, and what is important. This is definitely not a book where the author is telling us as the reader what we should believe, but instead he is telling us what he believes and why. I liked that fact and it made the book more enjoyable for me to read.
While there are many interesting parts to The Kind of Nord, the book could definitely be improved with work on the citing and formatting. For example, all of the quotations included in the book have the punctuation outside of the quotation marks instead of being properly placed inside. Another problem is the use of hashtag marks with all of the citing. If it is a quotation from the Bible it should simply read as (Daniel 11:37) in parentheses whereas the citing in the book is # Daniel 11:37. In addition, other citations are not done according to standard. For example, when citing from Wikipedia the author uses #, instead of properly citing with the article title, website, date of modification, and the URL of the page. To be honest, all of the hashtag symbols throughout the book are distracting when reading. There are no tabs used in the book and, in many cases the spaces between the paragraphs are not put in and things run together as there are no tabs to separate the paragraphs properly. The book would benefit greatly from an editor who takes the time to carefully go through and correct things like this to bring it together more cohesively. It is not always easy to follow and I find that a bit off-putting.
Overall, King of Nord is a book that is worth the read for those looking for a new and different interpretation of what may happen to the world in the future and I thank the author for taking the time to put together an analysis like this one.
Quill says: King of Nord & The End of All Religions & Peace and Security on Earth is an interesting book and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reading a different analysis of Daniel’s prophecy.

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