Wednesday, January 18, 2023

#BookReview of Destined To Be: Sweet Romantic Suspense

Destined To Be: Sweet Romantic Suspense
By: Dione Grace
Publication Date: July 26, 2021
Reviewed By: Ephantus M.
Review Date: January 18, 2023
An intensely satisfying read that boasts a depth of romantic tension, characterized by the rich use of emotion and nerve, and whose ending has a jaunty and inspirational standard await readers of Destined To Be: Sweet Romantic Suspense.
The yarn begins by revealing Daisia, an intelligent, ethical, and interesting young woman who is working her first job at Printing Works and Design. This industrious company masses around five hundred employees but today's daily tasks have been paralyzed by a peeved gunman who is on a vengeful mission in the towering office. As the read advances, his actions are revealed to have been fueled by hints of mistreatment and ridicule by fellow employees and supervisors. Daisia can't stop praying and making countless promises to God that she comes out unscathed from this frightful situation.
As she huddles deeper and deeper in the photocopying room, the author reveals the main protagonist’s hidden feelings towards her employer, Blake. A deep liking and admiration sit deeply tacked in the inner chambers of her heart, with fear of crossing the professional line engulfing her. However, his fascinating personality and charming kindness steadily but surely intensifies her soul's longing that the two will become a thing someday. Her mind is quickly jolted back to the chaotic setting by piercing police sirens outside the building and the sudden appearance of her boss who tightly embraces her. The author introduces another lucky survivor who is similarly shaken by the day's twist of events. A series of dialogue ensues when suddenly Daisia is drawn to a familiar tone in his voice and the jiggling of keys in his pocket. One can feel the cold trickle of sweat running down her back in horror and confusion, as she wonders whether she was staring at the vicious shooter all along,
Grace's strikingly original short story is a suspenseful composition that intensely appeals to readers with its breathtaking action and eye-popping drama. The story is excellently told, and its lively and relatable characters drive forward the gripping story without lapsing into the improbable. The author's ingenuity is visible when she adds melodic tunes, Biblical quotations, and prayers in the protagonist's time of great distress, leaving readers inspired to trust in God always, even when faith is most vulnerable. It is a short story that aims to touch numerous lives and transform them into fearless go-getters and resilient achievers.
Quill says: Destined to Be: Sweet Romantic Suspense has a plot that is logical, credible, and realistic, detailing two characters’ emotional journeys, and whose sweet and charming affection doesn't disappoint. It is a satisfying publication that will have you holding your breath with pure adrenaline pumping in your veins due to its concrete substance and remarkable significance.

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