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#BookReview of God is the Cure, Love is the Answer: A Memoir

God is the Cure, Love is the Answer: A Memoir

By: Aimee Cabo Nikolov
Publisher: Kharis Publishing
Publication Date: December 1, 2022
ISBN: 978-1637461945
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: January 6, 2023

God is the Cure, Love is the Answer is a riveting memoir that is by turns a teacher, a companion, and a heartfelt inspiration.

When we think of Christian exemplars, we often think of people who lived years ago. And while there is no harm in that, it’s important to remember the contemporary Christian heroes and the fact that God can use anyone, not just clergymen, to make a difference with His plans. One woman's real-life story is another's survival story. With guts and grace, Aimee Cabo Nikolov invites us into the most intimate parts of her life as she writes in her searing memoir, God Is The Cure, Love Is The Answer about her tumultuous childhood and storms of life.

As a young child, Nikolov had to endure sexual abuse from her stepfather and several other men in her life. Her troubles did not end there as she was confronted with a highly publicized court battle and grappled with substance abuse and poverty as she tried to stay adrift despite life's pitfalls. She finally met a man who became her husband and light ahead of a dreary tunnel. Amidst it all, her faith in God was evident and she credits this as what has seen her sail through.

Free-flowing yet meticulously articulated, the text allows readers to see through the author's vulnerability with its bracing candidness. Written in the first-person narrative as is with most memoirs, Nikolov manages to make readers see other characters who have been present in her life one way or another, with a clear-eyed focus. Each chapter begins with an honest prayer that serves as a hint of what one should expect along the pages as well as demonstrating the writer's unwavering faith and deep relationship with her Father.

As her life has progressed, Nikolov has worked with great courage to heal from past traumas, an admirable and heartfelt trait that shines through the pages. This is not a story of how a young girl was abused - it is the tale of how an adult can come to terms with a past too dreadful to contemplate, and how one's Christian journey can work recovery miracles. God Is The Cure, Love Is The Answer is a roadmap for the soul, beckoning one into an ever-deepening relationship with God.

Life often looks so very different from what we hoped or expected. Some circumstances may simply ambush us momentarily, but others may drain us completely. We are left in agony and despair, and we silently start to wonder about the reality of God’s existence and if He can be counted upon. This gem addresses this in its own quietly powerful way, eventually proving that He is truly present with us during life's storms. All told, it is a dazzling treasure and will be a comfort to many as it manages to reflect shared truths.

Quill says: God Is The Cure, Love Is The Answer is a story that smacks of true endurance and fortitude, summing up into an unvarnished memoir in its own right.

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