Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leads From Linda - Think Outside the Box

Here are some suggestions for authors on marketing from Linda F. Radke of Five Star Publications.

These are scary times. Keeping you in the loop.  We need to keep thinking outside the box. 

Beyond the bookstore

1.  Speaking engagements
2.  Gift stores
3.  Catalogs
4.  Start a book club
5.  Specialty stores
6.  Fundraisers 
7.  Lemonade stand - Why not?  It worked when we were young. :) 
8.  School talks
9.  Church or synagogue gift shop
10. Seminars
11. Workshops
12. Contest
13. Offer your book as a door prize
14. Library talks
15. Book walk - walk and talk books 
16. Flea markets (don't laugh - I have one author who has a space in a Park N' Swap from November to March each year

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  1. That is really a very good work. I have a library at home where I store all the books even my kids books, so that some time or the other then may come in use.