Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to get into a hassle-free routine on twitter with Buffer [Review]

Guest post by Leonhard Widrich of :

Different to many posts I have read on this blog, the following will not review a book. Instead, let me introduce you to a new tool that will make your tweets consistent, without any additional efforts in your daily routine.

Buffer is different to many other tweet scheduling tools you might know, a more intuitive approach to be efficient on twitter. A core characteristic of Buffer is that you remain a genuine person on twitter, not turning into an automated bot, that floods your followers with tweets.

What is different about Buffer?

With this tool all you do is add tweets to a queue in your Buffer. Buffer then has pre-set times for you at which your tweets will go out to your twitterstream. Of course you are able to adjust these times if you wish.

The most intuitive solution to do this is right there from the page or article you want to share with your followers.  You can do this with the neat Chrome Extension or Bookmarklet that exist, sparing you the hassle to go back to your dashboard.

If your Buffer is topped up with tweets, it will tweet for you at your pre-set times during the day.
See Buffer in action (36 sec video):
Fitting Buffer into your browsing routine

With all the buzz going on, when you are online, it is good to know of one part that will be well managed and planned out in the future.

By making Buffer part of your browsing routine, you will be able to create a consistent stream of content for your followers on twitter. Alongside reading posts or watching videos, you give it one click on the Buffer icon, if you think this content is worth sharing. This means no extra effort for you, yet you let your followers know, which great sources of content you came across.

Buffer is one of these tools you just have to try.

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