Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Finds

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Friends 2 Lovers Strong relationships come from well-bonded friendships. The best foundation for relationships to grow, flourish, and succeed is a deep-rooted friendship. This is the time when two people get to know each other and accept each other despite and in spite who the person is. In an emotive and touching story that will surely evoke a gamut of sentiments and thoughts, author Jonathan Anthony Burkett portrays how friends can end up as lovers and how that can last a lifetime. From Friends 2 Lovers, you will experience how exhilarating and wonderful the ride can be, even if there are challenges and obstacles along the way. In a compelling narrative that will touch your heart and make you think dearly of your friends and loved ones, you ll surely experience an overwhelming ebb and flow of emotions as you leaf through its pages.

Ghost Over Boulder Creek When Run Through Fire, a half-white, half-Cheyenne boy, is captured in the aftermath of the Battle of the Washita, he makes a daring escape. Run Through Fire leaves his mother and the other prisoners and sets out to find his white father in a place he has heard about called Boulder, in the Colorado Territory. Along the way he meets General Custer, Buffalo Bill, and a brave and funny friend, a girl he calls “Orange Head,” and changes his name to Billy Tull, son of William Tull. In Boulder, a ghost appears and then disappears as he uncovers the secret the town thought was buried.

Someone Will Be With You Shortly Filled with self-deprecating humor and a deep appreciation for what really matters, this book is for anyone who has ever been unnerved by pleather pants, lunch meat, or ambivalent men, and believes that life is a fragile bit of luck in a world based on chance.

Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps Math concepts can seem very abstract, but in just a short time, literally in just 5 minutes, students can learn how to multiply. This book concretely shows what multiplication is, instead of just having students memorize the times tables. It gives step-by-step instructions as well as sample problems showing how the process works. A natural flow occurs throughout the book as concepts get more difficult. Also included are easy ways to divide, find least common multiples, and square roots. This simple, hands-on method will help students achieve a better understanding of mathematics and boost self-confidence as well. Students will become so proficient they will be able to teach Sticks and Steps to others who struggle with multiplication and division. Multiply and Divide with Sticks® and Steps is easy to learn, easy to teach, and so logical, it's easy to remember. An essential resource for parents and educators to carry with them in their bag of tricks.

Bad Girls Why do millions of smart, savvy, successful men fall helplessly in love with women who are destined to break their hearts? Who are these "Bad Girls," poised to pounce o the next nice guy just waiting to become their prey? And ho can good girls learn to become man-magnets without becoming 'bad'? Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Ca Learn Their Secrets by Dr. Carole Lieberman is a no-holds barred, provocative look at the dangerous damsels who steal the hearts of men everywhere. They take what they want---money, sex, drugs, or other objects of desire---and leave these unsuspecting men in the dust.

Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King's Daughter It's that glorious period between the two world wars, and the exiled king of Mitteleuropa is visiting the ancestral home of the Duke of Tawcester. When the ex-king's daughter is kidnapped, noblesse obliges the Duke's handsome, brave, and rather stupid son (known to all as Blotto) to drive off to the rescue. Luckily, he's aided by his brilliant sister, Twinks. Plus, he's got a really swell car.

Hiding in the Spotlight: A Musical Prodigy's Story of Survival, 1941-1946 Zhanna, a young Jewish girl from Ukraine, also happens to be a gifted piano prodigy and is giving concerts by the age of six. When disaster strikes her hometown and her family is condemned to exile and execution, Zhanna manages to escape the famed Nazi death march to Dorbitsky Yar and uses her rare musical gift to help her survive. Performing and giving concerts for the occupying German troops as they move throughout Europe, Zhanna keeps her true identity a secret until a young American soldier with ties to Julliard adopts her. Upon her emigration to America, Zhanna’s gift flourishes and she becomes one of the first Jewish refugees to enter Juilliard.

Neverland: J. M. Barrie, The Du Mauriers, and the Dark Side of Peter Pan The untold story behind Peter Pan: The shocking account of J. M. Barrie's abuse and exploitation of the du Maurier family. In his revelatory Neverland, Piers Dudgeon tells the tragic story of J. M. Barrie and the Du Maurier family. Driven by a need to fill the vacuum left by sexual impotence, Barrie sought out George du Maurier, Daphne du Maurier’s grandfather (author of the famed Trilby), who specialized in hypnosis. Barrie’s fascination and obsession with the Du Maurier family is a shocking study of greed and psychological abuse, as we observe Barrie as he applies these lessons in mind control to captivate George’s daughter Sylvia, his son Gerald, as well as their children—who became the inspiration for the Darling family in Barrie’s immortal Peter Pan.

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