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#Bookreview of The Horseman Who Came From the Sea by Jeff Turner

The Horseman Who Came from the Sea

By: Jeff Turner
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: January 24, 2024
ISBN: 978-8-89157-581-3
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: April 8, 2024
From veteran author Jeff Turner comes The Horseman Who Came From the Sea, the third book chronicling the story of Henry Cameron. This tale follows Henry, a young man who finds a place for himself working with horses on a Vermont horse farm.
The beginning of The Horseman Who Came From the Sea picks up where Turner’s previous novel, A Rescued Soul, concluded. Henry’s mentor and the father he never had, Lieutenant Cooper, has recently died from the Spanish flu. Prior to his death, he appointed himself as Henry’s legal guardian and taught Henry everything he knows. After Lieutenant Cooper passed away, Henry was shocked to learn that the Lieutenant had left his entire inheritance to Henry, including all monetary holdings and the entire farm, as well as its land. Henry is honored that the Lieutenant chose him to bequeath his legacy to, while at the same time, Henry realizes what a massive responsibility has just been placed upon his shoulders. He wishes to respect the Lieutenant’s memory by preserving the reputation and good image that the Cooper farm has been proud to sustain for many years.
In order to keep the farm in good order, Henry knows he must bring in some additional workhands to assist with chores, especially because he wishes to purchase some additional horses. He begins by offering a job to his old bunkmate and friend, Mickey Parker. Mickey and Henry were both enrolled at Camp Dewey, which prepared teenagers for service in the navy or merchant marines. During the war, Mickey found himself injured when an artillery shell exploded near him, resulting in the loss of his left hand and forearm, along with facial burns. At first, Mickey is resistant to Henry’s job offer, arguing that he cannot work since he is a cripple. It does not take long, however, for Henry to convince Mickey that there is lots he can offer, and he accepts Henry’s invitation, and they leave together to drive to the horse farm in Vermont.
As Henry begins to rebuild the horse farm, he enlists the help of a gifted horse trainer, a young and eager-to-work set of twins, along with the protective caretakers who worked for Lieutenant Cooper. During Henry’s journey, he also encounters some unsavory individuals that he must deal with, including a crooked sheriff and his own resentful uncle, who is after Henry’s inheritance. As Henry builds his farm family, he witnesses his friends partner up as they find love amongst each other, and while he is happy for them, this brings to the surface the pain of a love he lost years ago. He finds himself wondering if love will ever find him again.
I had the pleasure of reading Turner’s previous novel, A Rescued Soul, and while I thoroughly enjoyed that book, I can honestly say that The Horseman Who Came From The Sea was simply magnificent. Throughout the entire story, we see Henry go from building camaraderie and companionship to forming a close-knit family that can count on each other. He offers jobs to those who have fallen on hard times and really need the work and the money. Above all, what is most admirable about Henry is the lesson he can teach us about forgiveness. It is a touching lesson about kindness and forgiveness that we could all use a reminder about in today’s world.
Turner has a true gift for writing that appeals to the human side of his readers, making his stories real and relatable and creating characters that his readers sincerely come to care about over the course of the narrative. What is unique in Turner’s books is that not only does he create loveable, relatable human characters, but he also adds significant characters in the horses that play an important role in the progression of the stories. As a reader, it is impossible not to form an attachment with the horses that help shape the emotional narrative.
Quill says: With The Horseman Who Came From The Sea, Turner has penned a heartwarming, genuine, feel-good story about a young man who was once a runaway, but ends up finding his passion working with horses and creating a close-knit family to finally call his own.

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