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#Bookreview o f Marvin's Little Mermaid by Deborah Stevenson

Marvin's Little Mermaid

By: Deborah Stevenson
Illustrated by: Stella Maris
Publisher: Notable Kids Publishing
Publication Date: April 16, 2024
ISBN: 978-1735853567
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: April 23, 2024
A lonely young boy wishes for a friend, and that dream comes true in an amazing way in award-winning author Deborah Stevenson's newest children's book, Marvin's Little Mermaid.
Marvin has moved to a new town, and he really, really misses all his friends back in his old town. It's just no fun doing things all by himself. And that's why he almost didn't go to the carnival. But he did go, and once there, he wasn't sure it was a good idea. just wasn't much fun without his friends. As Marvin walked around the carnival, he saw a sign - "The Great Magnifico - Know Your Fortune" above a fortune teller machine. The young boy slipped a dollar in the slot. The machine made some noises, and out came Marvin's fortune.
As Marvin walked away, he read his fortune. "Your Wish Will Come True." Marvin played along and made a wish...he closed his eyes...waited...and nothing. That was a waste of a dollar. Poor Marvin was even more depressed as he continued to wander around the carnival. He went on some rides and even walked through Hannibal's House of Mirrors, but nothing was fun without friends. That was until he tried his luck at winning a goldfish.
For a dollar, Marvin received three balls. Ball one...missed. Ball two...missed. Ball three...missed...but actually, it hit a girl's forehead...and then plopped into a glass bowl filled with water and Marvin's new goldfish! But when he was handed the bag with the goldfish, the fish talked to him! Marvin stared in disbelief. It wasn't a goldfish but a mermaid! "Greetings. I'm Stella," said Marvin's new best friend.
The next few days were filled with great fun for Marvin and Stella. They shared gummy bears, played Go Fish, and when Stella mentioned she missed her home, Marvin turned the bathtub into Stella's new home away from home. The friends continued to have fun, but Stella still missed her home. What could Marvin do to help his new best friend?
I have read/reviewed several of Deborah Stevenson's children's books and have thoroughly enjoyed every one. Like all of Stevenson's books, Marvin's Little Mermaid is a very unique and creative story that also teaches a life lesson. In order to help Stella, Marvin makes a very difficult decision that puts the needs of others above his own. But his sacrifice is rewarded by a surprise ending that readers will love. Many readers will also see themselves in Marvin - how many children feel alone at one time or another? The author and illustrator have collaborated on several other books and it shows here as the drawings perfectly compliment the story. Even the end pages, decorated with goldfish, seashells, and gummy bears, show the attention to detail that these two creative artists have brought to each of their projects.
Quill says: Marvin's Little Mermaid is a delightful book that young readers will love, especially those who have found themselves alone at one time or another (and isn't that most children?).
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