Wednesday, July 5, 2023

#BookReview of Modern Dealership: A Blueprint for the Dealership of Tomorrow by Paris Song

Modern Dealership: A Blueprint for the Dealership of Tomorrow

By: Paris Song
Publisher: Audigirl LLC
Publication Date: April 21, 2023
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: July 1, 2023
Modern Dealership is a revolutionary game plan for anyone in the automotive sector looking to stay ahead of the cutting edge.
The world is constantly changing, and while this has always been something businesses have had to contend with, the recent pandemic has exacerbated the situation. As we come out of the pandemic, many businesses struggle to reinvent themselves to survive the disruptions that are being experienced. Car dealers that don't acclimate to the changing circumstances are bound to face extinction. Dealerships that manage to stay afloat are those that build a structure, a plan of action, and an underpinning without relying on simple aptitude, serendipity, and heavy-handed tactics.
Modern Dealership offers a very concise and well-thought-out substitute to the current dealership business model. Here, author Paris Song, a strategist, thinker, and automotive enthusiast, uses her experience to unveil six principles that a car dealership should be built upon that are formulated, tested, and retested at an actual dealership with palpable results. In her salient and eye-opening introduction, Song highlights the main predominant issues in the automotive retail industry today as the lack of transparency that breeds consumer distrust, and the lack of organization and training that reduces efficiency, creating high turnover among a small pool of rehashed talent. Lastly, she mentions limited automation as another issue, which cannot meet the consumer demands of the digital age. These three issues collectively contribute to creating the current climate of uncertainty and frustration. Yet, for many service managers and car dealership owners, there is no interspersed outlook on how to move forward and recover from the supply chain issues.
This resource is divided into six chapters, each one building up upon the previous chapter(s) as they break down the six practical principles into sizeable, consumable bits. Head points and subheadings dominate this buoyant text, further encouraging food for thought. The framework is simplistic and pragmatic, providing both validation and freshness in dealership stores to maintain the same traffic level or attract and satisfy new ones in a market that is changing at a breakneck speed. From unequivocal pricing to advanced models of achieving profit expectations, Paris Song's work has it all. In the author's own words, she asserts that we must become the fittest to survive the impending Ice Age. If we can become dealers who are more efficient, more transparent, and more trustworthy, dealers who can facilitate complete digitalization, the cry for change and the need for the agency model will disappear.
Quill says: Modern Dealership by Paris Song is a personable and empowering business book that illuminates a clear pathway filled with a verve that reimagines a new and modern auto store that can withstand ever-changing business processes, market shakeouts, and the passage of time.
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