Thursday, July 6, 2023

#BookReview of The Heron Kings Rampant by Eric Lewis

The Heron Kings Rampant

By: Eric Lewis
Publication Date: May 1, 2023
ISBN: 979-8376509722
Reviewed by: Ephantus Gold
Review Date: July 4, 2023
The Heron Kings Rampant is a thrilling installment in author Eric Lewis' "Heron Kings" fantasy series. This read dives into violent extremism through technological advancement that has found its way into the hands of treacherous individuals, organized to penetrate open civilizations through harmonized schemes and approaches.
Master Alchemist Castamar and the Cynuvik widow who manages his house are in deep distress after an explosion in their city causes unfathomable harm to his apprentice. The attack is undoubtedly a Vril attack - a mysterious energetic substance thought magic because of its deadly energy, and most dangerous if mishandled. The brilliant alchemist stands aware of its strict production and restrained movements and can't help but initiate an investigation to establish its source. Castamar's curiosity has him make an abrupt visit to the dangerous, old, and broken-down fish cannery building taken over by Gouger Nebb's gang, in hopes of getting more information about the Vril. Knowing that Castamar wants justice for his apprentice's serious injuries, Nebb takes advantage of the protagonist's desperation by asking him to steal two variable chemicals, Thermite and Antisepsis, for the gang's use in making incendiary bombs and treatment of infections, respectively.
As Author Lewis comes to reveal, teamwork by Castamar and a Heron Kings' agent, Ellyx, has them face off against bloodthirsty villains at the College of Alchemy, where an inspection regarding the Vril has professors and research students chilled down their spine by the duo's commanding demeanor. However, unknown to the pair, a chilling discovery lies in wait at the Engineering lab, regarding additional belligerent onslaughts by ruthless radicals who are devoted to the implementation of a new period in history, one that would introduce dramatic changes in world political thought.
Fantastic themes of mythology, folklore and breathtaking action will warm a reader's heart throughout the story. Author Lewis' work displays the central fantasy arc of the battle between good and evil, with epically powerful forces confronting each other. On the first pages, the characters' roles are well laid out, and readers will not find it difficult to connect with them. Of equal interest is the distinctive world-threatening hazard that can enslave everyone and alter life irreparably, as highlighted in the first pages of this volume. The Heron Kings Rampant is largely a dialogue-driven plot that boasts sophisticated ideas and survival by wit concepts. The author also does an excellent job of giving readers the characters' backstories that explains why they are capable of exceptional abilities.
Quill says: The Heron Kings Rampant is a deeply invigorating fantasy read due to its unpredictability and irresistible plot.
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