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#BookReview of The Imposed Path: The Gem Keepers Saga, Book 1

The Imposed Path: The Gem Keepers Saga, Book 1

By: Timothy M. David
Publisher: Gem Keeper Creations
Publication Date: June 1, 2023
ISBN: 979-8988211310
Reviewed By: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: July 4, 2023
The Imposed Path: The Gem Keepers Saga, Book 1 is the debut novel by author Timothy M. David and, if you are a science fiction/fantasy fan, I must tell you that this book is for you. It is an amazing story that focuses not only on the best elements of science fiction but also puts a large focus on the physical and emotional pain that is involved in being a true hero.
The Imposed Path is the story of Emma and her new life as a hero. Emma starts out a normal teenager who has just lost her father and has moved to a new town where she feels that she will never fit in. Shortly after moving, Emma meets Natalie and begins an entirely new life full of love and acceptance. The two girls are trying to deal with so many new emotions and feelings when, all of a sudden, they are chosen and given a power that will save the world. In the beginning, they find their powers to be exciting and different and they revel in the fun and freedom that they seem to have been chosen for. Of course, with any change comes a harsh reality. These powers have turned them into heroes that are supposed to eventually save the world. To be a true hero, the girls believe, should be a glorious feeling. What it really is, as they quickly find out, is a nightmare filled with pain and fear that they must figure out how to live with.
The path that Emma, Natalie, and four other teenage heroes that they meet along the way must follow is one filled with sorrow, terror, at times, the joy of really making a difference in the world, and above all else, the knowledge that whatever the next fight may be, it could well mean their death. Along the way, these heroes fight, love, save lives, train with their mentor Mac, and work with the president and the military to try to save the world from those who want to destroy the “gem keepers.” While doing all of this they also attempt to be normal teenagers, which is possibly the hardest part of the task. In the beginning of the book Emma makes a promise to Natalie to “Never Let Go,” and it is one that she wants to keep more than anything else she has ever wanted in her life...the question is can she?
The Imposed Path is a well-written story with amazing and complex characters that the reader will quickly find themselves cheering for and becoming a part of. The tale itself is absolutely riveting and brilliant. Mr. David has an incredible imagination that comes through on each and every page. Whether he is writing about something tragic, such as the death of Emma’s father; something completely out of this world, such as aliens and portals; or something completely normal to any teenager, such as the confusion of a new love and a new place; this author is spot-on in his descriptions of the horror, the sadness, and the challenge that each of these characters faces.
One thing that must be said, and there is a warning in the beginning of the book, is that the story deals with some very harsh realities that are parts of our world such as mass shootings, nuclear weapons, sexual orientation, and others. Every bit of the writing surrounding these events is done so very well, but if these topics are things that the reader might not be okay with, then care should be taken in deciding whether or not to read the story.
The Imposed Path, in this reviewer’s opinion, is well worth the time spent in reading it. It is a story and characters that you will remember long after you close the book. This story will truly touch your heart and make you route for these heroes, their love for each other, and their attempt to destroy some very evil things.
Quill says: The Imposed Path: The Gem Keepers Saga, Book 1 is a riveting and amazing adventure that will leave any reader longing for the next installment. All I can say to this author is that I have become a huge fan already, as I am sure any reader will, and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment to see what happens to Emma, Natalie, and all of the other people in book 2.
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