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#BookReview of A Measure of Rhyme: Ages of Malice, Book 2

A Measure of Rhyme: Ages of Malice, Book 2

By: Lloyd Jeffries
Published by: Buckminster Publishing
Publication Date: May 7, 2023
Reviewed by: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: May 3, 2023
A Measure of Rhyme is the second amazing book in the Ages of Malice series by Lloyd Jeffries and, as with his first book, this author does not disappoint and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat throughout this new story. This book has the same excellent characters, plus a few wonderful new ones and is an awesome follow-up to what was begun in A Portion of Malice, the first book in the series.
At the end of book number 1, the reader is left with Thaddeus Drake dead, Emery almost dead, and what seems to be no conclusion in this epic tale of a man trying to control the world. Well...thankfully, that is not the end and we enter a whole new spell-binding adventure in A Measure of Rhyme. As the second tale opens, Emery is given a tour of Heaven as he learns that he is not dead and about to be given a huge job in the coming war as Cain tries to continue forward with his goal of domination. Upon Emery’s return from Heaven he sinks even deeper into the life he was leading before, one of addiction and pure misery, and one that is being controlled by a true immortal lunatic, as Thaddeus Drake returns to earth as Cain.
Enter Rhyme, the woman who Emery has always loved and believes is lost to him forever. Unfortunately for him, and especially for Rhyme, she is now married to Cain and working very hard to keep Emery, the man she truly loves, safe from the machinations of her husband. All Rhyme wants in life is to destroy her very evil husband and get her life back but that is not going to be a very easy task for a woman who is supposed to be a simple librarian.
A Measure of Rhyme is a great continuation to this series and in it the author gives his readers an exceptional new character. Rhyme is, simply put, an incredible addition to the story. She is one of the strongest female lead characters this reader has ever seen and her past is one that makes her the absolute perfect person for this job. She and Emery will have to overcome some very insurmountable odds in order to save themselves and the world from complete destruction as it heads for a total apocalypse. It is thrilling to be allowed along for the ride.
As always, Lloyd Jeffries puts forth an extremely well-written and well-researched story that you just cannot put down. He has a talent for making each of these characters come alive on the pages and really involve the reader in each and every moment of what is happening. In addition, the imagery in the writing makes one feel that they are actually there while it is happening, whether in Heaven or some place on Earth. These two things combined make it an amazing story that takes readers through history as Emery attempts to save the world from a crazy man.
I cannot recommend A Measure of Rhyme enough to readers. It is a fabulous continuation to an incredible story and you are just going to love it. If you are one of the few out there, and I can’t imagine there are many, who have not yet read book one then hurry out and get it so that you are a part of this journey. I, for one, will be anxiously awaiting book number three.
Quill says: The Ages of Malice series is one that is set in both Biblical and modern times and the combination makes for incredible storytelling. The reader will experience everything from compassion and confusion to terror and goosebumps and they will love every moment. And, the best part of all, we can now look forward to book number 3!
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