Tuesday, May 2, 2023

#BookReview of Doug Osborne Does Not Quit: The House Behind My Banner

Doug Osborne Does Not Quit: The House Behind My Banner

By: Doug Osborne
Publication Date: March 30, 2023
ISBN: 979-8388938732
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: May 1, 2023
Doug Osborne Does Not Quit: The House Behind My Banner is an indelible self-help memoir that undulates, shifting between memoir stories and valuable lessons.
Often, people find themselves dealing with challenges and choose to retreat to their comfort zones, discouraged and disappointed. However, if one does not believe he can do it, one may never find the motivation to press on. It all begins with having self-esteem and believing in oneself and never letting a bad situation bring out the worst in you, but rather choosing to be strong and positive.
In this blisteringly smart memoir, the author, Doug Osborne, takes us on an intimate journey to pursuing his dream of owning his first house, getting a work-from-home job, and living boldly past his disability. Osborne was diagnosed with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and depression, and in December 2020, the depression took a toll on him and he realized he was becoming less productive. However, he chose to turn around the common misconception that disability is an inability by looking past the diagnosis and making a conscious decision to be self-productive and self-disciplined. He began applying for various jobs in March, 2021, and to help with those applications, he documented his software projects on his website. This, he hoped, would get him his dream job. Getting that job would be one of his first steps to achieving his goals, including solving his unstable housing situation.
Osborne faced many challenges including dealing with an insensitive landlord who tried bullying him by making an unrealistic demand, but his courage and persistence, which is evident throughout the memoir, helped him move past the many pitfalls. The book is divided into three sections with each latter chapter building on the former. Headings encapsulate their content aptly with concise and intelligent language that makes this memoir approachable to a larger audience. Buoyantly dappled with a series of photos, well-aimed illustrations of text messages, court orders, and motions, Doug Osborne is unflinchingly honest and genuine about his path of self-discovery. He is unequivocally motivating in this memoir and will motivate many not to quit until they finally succeed by attaining their goals.
Once in a while, we stumble upon a book whose impact is downright impactful and life-affirming. Doug Osborne Does Not Quit: The House Behind My Banner is certainly one of those books. Every chapter has some incredible takeaways and life mantras that encourage breaking barriers and reaching the glass ceiling of life. Osborne's tone is assertive and optimistic, a factor that highly elevates this short, impassioned read, and his voice is quintessential in these modern times.
Quill says: Doug Osborne Does Not Quit: The House Behind My Banner is a searing and sublimely written memoir with a lasting impact on one's mind.
For more information on Doug Osborne Does Not Quit: The House Behind My Banner please visit the author's website at: https://doug-osborne.com/book/

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