Friday, May 12, 2023

#BookReview of Academy of Eternity: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Heart-Mind, Now and Forever

Academy of Eternity: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Heart-Mind, Now and Forever

By: Erika Flint and Sarah Solstice
Publisher: Difference Press
Publication Date: May 11, 2021
Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger Scott
Review Date: May 9, 2023
A young girl has earthly revelations that lead to her immersion in etheric truths as she is swept into a new field of living and learning, in this fascinating fantasy of multiple authorship.
After Erika had undergone an alteration in her way of looking at earthly events filtered through higher realities, she is mystically whisked to a campus of fellow seekers and a group of teachers who have moved beyond mere “been there, done that” to a perspective that encompasses genuine change. At the Academy of Eternity, she and her classmates will meet Babyji, a joyous infant who tells the group that they will experience their younger selves in the process of learning who they really are. They will be taught how to focus – happily – on higher realties, unlike the children of earth now who mainly focus on what she calls “Simulation.” Working with Erika, Babyji congratulates her when she is able to imagine and then create a beautiful chair for her living quarters. Amid much music and general good will, Erika will encounter a wide variety of deep matters, including neuroscience guided by Professor Sam, companionship from Angela, and the joy of Heart Song from Professor John. She will explore the ways that physical activity within their brains can lead to a universal viewpoint. When Erika is finally ready to return to her earthly milieu, it will be with fresh mental, physical and spiritual changes now inherent within her.
The contributing authors to this delightful yet profound work all have something unique to offer. The actual Professor Sam is Sam Tullman, a student and proponent of such far reaching realms as Rinzai Zen and Field Neuroscience Solutions. Dr. Angela L Auria is a best-selling writer who helps others “free their inner author.” Cal Banyan is a hypnotherapist. M. Shannon Hernandez shares her knowledge of Marketing Methodology worldwide. Real-life Erika Flint and Sarah Solstice have explored the many levels of consciousness that are here represented through the eyes of the innocent Erika, who intuits that the world we can see has many hidden aspects that can help her to help others. The book’s chapters open with short, appropriate poems, and the contributors offer listings of methodologies that can be utilized by all seekers of heavenly, happy wisdom. Academy of Eternity is a manual for group and individual study that merits a place in the glowing limelight of eternal verity.
Quill says: In Academy of Eternity, authors from varying fields of inward development and outward reaction present multilayered experiences beyond the ordinary to give hints as how all humans can advance spiritually.
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