Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Review - Principal Fred Won't Go to Bed

Principal Fred Won't Go to Bed

By: Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by: Donald Wu
Publisher: Two Lions
Publication Date: July 2010
ISBN: 978-0761457091
Reviewded by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: October 2013

The children stood on the steps of the school and watched as Principal Fred began to head home on his bicycle. It was really strange, oh so strange that a grown man would have none other than a teddy bear in his basket. Yes, a real teddy bear! Even they were a bit too old for that sort of thing. When Principal Fred arrived home he dropped his teddy and smiled widely as he greeted his wife and young Ned. "The school day was over / for Principal Fred. / After his dinner, / he went up to bed." He began to put on his jammies, but something was wrong, very wrong. Principal Fred’s teddy was missing!

Principal Fred’s eyes widened with alarm as he fell to his knees, pink jammies and all, to begin his search. Something had to be done to help him get to sleep without his teddy. "His wife brought his blankie--- / Fred looked near a chair. / Young Ned brought his slippers / his fuzziest pair." They tried everything, but Principal Fred grew more frantic as he raced through the house. There was no way he was going to be able to sleep without his teddy. Would they ever find it or would the frantic search go on through the night?

This is the delightfully hilarious tale of Principal Fred and his lost teddy little ones will love. This story in rhyme doesn’t miss a beat as it races through the house right along with Principal Fred. Told in ballad form, every second and fourth line rhyming, the tale has a fun, exciting lilt to it. The artwork, rendered in acrylic and color pencil, brings a lot of humor to the tale and captures Principal Fred’s predicament and hilariously childish nature perfectly. Little ones are sure to fall in love with Principal Fred!

Quill says: If your little one likes their stories a bit on the zany side, Principal Fred is sure to make them laugh!

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