Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review - The Field

The Field

By: Tracy Richardson
Publisher: Luminis Books
Publication Date: October 2013
ISBN: 978-1-935462-83-5
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: October 2013

For those readers out there who are into the sport of soccer, or a touch of conservation and environmentalism, or a touch of suspense and intrigue - or, all three - this YA certainly touches on these plus a great many other subjects.
Eric Horton has worked diligently to be chosen for the Varsity soccer team. He’s not only good at his position, but it’s almost like he can ‘feel’ where his opponent is going to kick the ball before it ever actually happens, allowing him to be a bit psychic on the field.

Both Eric and his best friend, Will, make the Varsity team and they are beyond excited. Another excitement is yet to come, however, when they walk into school and are introduced to a brand new student named Renee. She is French, and her dad just happens to be a very intelligent nuclear energy physicist who has come to America for two years in order to study alternative energy sources. The easiest way to phrase this is that when Renee and Eric meet there seems to be a reaction between them; it’s almost as if there’s a spark of energy that they can’t deny.

Renee’s dad just happens to be offering an internship in his lab, as he explores the possibilities that the Universe, itself may be the power source everyone is looking for to ‘run’ Planet Earth more efficiently.
What Eric becomes in this lab is much like a science experiment, and the side-effects from this experiment seem to be elevating nightmares that have come out of the blue - nightmares that truly feel like he’s watching the world come to an end.

There’s certainly more to Eric than just a Varsity soccer player. And when he finds his own reality falling apart - watching Will delve into alcohol and Renee delve into other guys - Eric must find a way to stand up and stop this strange darkness from taking over everyone he loves.

Although the story does lag at times, the slew of topics it covers offers drama, mixed with romance, mixed with adventure, and a touch of sci-fi just to balance everything out.

Quill says: The author has found a way to bring up many questions regarding space and the many unknowns we, as mere humans, still don’t understand.

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