Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review - Halloween Hustle

Halloween Hustle

By: Charlotte Gunnufson
Illustrated by: Kevan J. Atteberry
Publisher: Two Lions
Publication Date: September 3, 2013
ISBN: 978-1477817230
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: Octobert 8, 2013

The moon shone full behind the gnarly old tree. What’s that wild and weird thing dancing up the street on the sidewalk? A strange little critter smiles and wags its tail as it watches Skeleton dance. “Bony thumbs and fingers snap. / Bony heels and toes tip-tap. / Knees knock-knock and elbows flap, / Doing the Halloween Hustle.” Those toes tippity tapping up the street were moving fast ... until they caught in the crack on that sidewalk. Boom, bam! Down Skeleton went with a clatter. Oh, no, would he be able to do the Halloween Hustle if he was a mere pile of bones?

At the bus stop Frankenstein, Mummy, and Witch watched in awe as “He sticks his bones back into place, / Adds rubber bands, just in case. / Gets up and grooves with ghoulish grace, / Doing the Halloween Hustle.” Skeleton swung around the bus stop sign, danced for all to see, and off to town to buy some fancy duds to dance some more. All of a sudden a big black cat crossed his path. Boom, bam! Down Skeleton went with a clatter. Was is all over for Skeleton or would he be able to pull himself together in time for the dance contest?

This is a fun, hilarious tale of Skeleton and his Halloween Hustle that will delight young children. Just reading this infectious story in rhyme got me to tapping my toes. The beat was perfect and this must read aloud Halloween tale will get little ones to join in the fun with their own version of the Halloween Hustle. The bright, animated artwork brings the monsters and ghoulish characters to life in a non-scary manner. One of the best scenes is a lively two-page spread of all the monsters jumping and jiving, doing the Halloween Hustle at the dance contest. If you want a Halloween tale with a new twist, this is it!

Quill says: This amazingly unique Halloween tale is destined to become one of those "read me again" tales that youngsters will request year after year!

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