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Interview with Author Carol Lynn Vengroff

Today we're talking with Carol Lynn Vengroff, author of My Ever After Chronicles

FQ: - A near-death experience is quite personal. What made you decide to share it with others via a book?

After hearing my story and seeing a journal I created for my son, a NBC talk show host and best-selling author friend encouraged me to write a book. She felt my near-death experience would have meaning for more people than just my immediate family.

FQ: You go into some wonderful detail about your experience in Heaven. Is it just as vivid today as it was when you were twelve?

Most of it is just as vivid today as it was when I was twelve. When I go into that quiet place within, I am able to connect with the experience and it is as though I am there again.

Author Carol Lynn Vengroff

FQ: Did you ever discuss your experiences with your parents years later, as an adult? If so, were they even a bit more understanding?

I attempted to discuss my experiences with my parents as an adult. It only held special meaning for my father when he was nearing his death. I would humor him and tell him he had my permission to go for it... if he saw the light! I think that even though he never quite believed that I actually had a near-death experience, he always wanted to believe that perhaps there was something to “my story.” He liked the idea that there is a heaven and we all get to be together again. I would tell him his mom was up there cooking up a storm and his brother was entertaining everyone with his famous stories and that his other brother (a Navy Chaplin) was waiting to play golf with him, the rabbi and the priest!

To this day, my mother still thinks it was a fantastic dream I had and that I have an amazing imagination. About twenty years ago, she phoned me all excited. Her book club had just finished reading Embraced By The Light by Betty J. Eadie. My mother went on to say that Betty’s experience was just like the one I had described, only Betty’s really happened!!!

The author with her family in 1962

FQ: What about siblings or close friends (prior to the birthday party you mention)? How did they react?

My sisters are the only ones who ever really believed me. My youngest sister remembers that she could not wake me up that night, and she was crying because she thought I had died. My brothers did not remember anything until they read my book. They are now starting to remember bits and pieces. One of the main reasons why I did not tell my story to many friends was the reactions I would get. Most were not ready to hear it. Some even distanced themselves from me after I shared my narrative with them.

FQ: Would you tell our readers a little about the “Keepers of Knowledge”?

The “Keepers of Knowledge” were unique in that they WERE/ARE knowledge. There were perhaps nine to twelve of these entities, as best as I can recall. They must have been tall or on a platform because when I remember them, I remember looking upward. The more I think about it the more I believe the information they allowed me to receive is what is known as the “Akashic Records.”

FQ: You mention that we come “back to earth...sometimes over and over again.” Does that mean you believe in a type of reincarnation? Would you explain?

I believe that we come from the same place that we go to when we “die.” I believe I personally have been here before in another body and at another time. I actually have memory of this. I also remember conversations on the other side, planning parts of this life.

FQ: I found the discussion of “Sacred Geometry” quite interesting. Would you tell our readers a little about this concept?

I saw how all the patterns of creation are contained within “Sacred Geometry.” They carry within them codes that hold the keys to knowledge beyond our imagination. I believe that everything in the universe has its roots based in this. I saw how numbers are woven into the fabric of everything that exists. I saw how a myriad of numbers have sacred significance. The concept that music and number systems are a perfect universal language has been firmly planted in my soul. The evidence shows up everywhere!

The chateau the author died in as it was in 1962...

FQ: I didn’t know that courses for near-death experience survivors were offered. Would you recommend such a course for others who had similar experiences to yours?

Carolyn Matthews is my hero!!! Her course was the reason I was able to truly remember my experience! She addresses the needs of the NDE survivor by offering two impressive courses:

Mentoring the Near-Death Experience Survivor (2012)

and for anyone interested in finding their mission:

Addressing the Need to Find the Mission in Life (2012). http://www.ndemission.com/

...and the chateau as it appears today

FQ: You mentioned meditation several times in your book. Please explain how it helped you in your journey.

By going to that quiet place within, I was and still am able to connect with my “spiritual” self. When I let go of my conscious thoughts and align my breath, heartbeat & being with “source,” a transformation occurs for me and creative ideas, words & thoughts transpire. There is no time in that space and so I am able to be there, in the experience, again. It is from that place that I write down and describe what I see, feel & encounter.

FQ: I got a very strong sense from reading your book that you are at peace. At peace with yourself, with others, with the world. Would you say this is correct and that it is due to knowing what lies beyond?

I AM at peace (most of the time, unless I am having what I call a “Hiccup” or "A human experience" which isn’t that often). It really, really, really helps to know and believe, that we get ALL our answers to why EVERYTHING is going on in our lives, eventually. Every – single - thing is for a reason and so, knowing this and remembering this, is HUGE!!!!

FQ: Without giving too much of the book away, it’s very important for you to get a message to the Pope. With our new Pope, one who takes the plight of the poor seriously, do you have hope that your message will be heard?

I have every hope that my message will be heard. It appears that Pope Francis is the one Pope that will not only hear my message, but will understand and embrace the directive. I now believe that the message I was sent back from Heaven with is for HIM!

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