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Book Review - My Ever After Chronicles

My Ever After Chronicles

By: Carol Lynn Vengroff
Publisher: BalboaPress
Publication Date: October 2012
ISBN: 978-1452559766
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: April 6, 2013

Have you ever wondered what Heaven is like? (Haven’t we all?!) Is St. Peter standing at the Pearly Gates with God sitting on a giant throne, with puffy clouds slowly bouncing about? Or is it something else, something “deeper”? What if you could experience Heaven, and live, really live, to talk about it? To share with others the truths you learned? To experience the inner peace that comes with knowing what waits for us after our human forms die? Carol Lynn Vengroff is a woman who is certain she has been to Heaven and in My Ever After Chronicles, she shares her very personal, and eye-opening, account of Heaven.

In 1963, Carol Lynn Vengroff was twelve-years-old and living in France with her family. Returning to their home after a Christmas vacation, the family, exhausted from a long trip, had to deal with freezing temperatures in the house caused by a power outage. Wrapped up in a coat and hat and still shivering in her bed, the author recalls feeling numb, first on her extremities, and then “each part of me slowly succumbing to the freezing cold.” First came the darkness, but then the author was shown the light.
Vengroff initially thought that she was dreaming that she had died, but then, realizing that everything was so vivid, so real, so detailed, she knew it had to be much more than a dream. Readers are taken on a journey through all sorts of sights and sounds, overwhelming joy as well as an indescribable sense of peace as the author travelled to Heaven, where she was greeted by her mother’s father – a grandparent she had never met. There is an awe-inspiring sense of tranquility to the descriptions, descripti
ons that recall meeting many souls, from family members to archangels and even Christ and God.
When the author recounts her meeting with God, and the “knowledge beyond comprehension” that she was given, the reader will want to pay close attention. Words of wisdom, shared so that we all can live better lives, are brought forth and discussed.

People who have near-death experiences are often chastised by others who claim the event is all in the person’s mind. And like so many others, Vengroff’s incident was scoffed at by her parents, and even her chaplain. Devastated by their reactions, and convinced she was right, Vengroff put to words her experiences, writing them down in a letter to herself and then hiding the paper in a stone wall. Vengroff knew that one day she would return and retrieve her letter. In the meantime, however, she would have to somehow go on with her life. Years later, the message God had given her continued to tug at her heart and she found herself digging deeper into herself, searching for the meaning of His message. Would she be able to complete the “mission” God had given her?

My Ever After Chronicles is a fairly brief read and can be read in one sitting by most. It is not meant as an in-depth look at near-death experiences but rather, one woman’s very personal journey. The writing is engaging and flows nicely, encouraging the reader to get to know, and care about, the author. Through the author’s choice words, readers will come to understand the profound effect the near-death experience had on her life and what it could possibly mean for all of us.

Quill says: While you may be a “doubter” as you turn the first page of My Ever After Chronicles, you will likely be thinking carefully about your own spirituality by the time you turn the last page.

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