Monday, August 8, 2011

Reviewer's Tip - Where's Your Website

It happened again tonight...I received a query from a first-time author, asking for a review.  The book sounded interesting and possibly a good fit for our site.  The press release included a link to the author's website.  I clicked on the link to get more info. and see if the book was indeed a good fit.  What I found, instead of a site with information about this new book, was a Network Solutions message, "this site is under construction."  In other words, the author has purchased the url but hasn't done anything more with the site. Guess what?  I closed the link, deleted the query email, and moved on to another query.

The lesson?  If you're going to take the trouble of sending out queries (or actually, if you're going to publish a book), have your website up and running BEFORE you send those queries!!!  I'm not going to go back to the website in a week, or two, or three, to see if the author has gotten around to creating a site.  I've already moved on.  Be ready with all your promotional materials before your book comes out or you might just miss lots of promotional opportunities.

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