Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Finds

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Wow! Busy week! Check out some of the books that came in this week for review! Stop by our review site, Feathered Quill Book Reviews soon to read the reviews.

And thinking ahead to Fall:

Beyond the Myth With beautiful imagery, inspiring quotes, and insightful words of wisdom, author Maria Holmes takes you beyond the myth and shows you how to live the life you desire using the power of the Law of Attraction. * Awaken and see the possibilities in the world around you * Understand the Law of Attraction and put it to use in your own life * Embrace and harness the principles of desire , Visualization, Gratitude, Belief,and Faith * Find the answer within you.

Diva Beautiful, talented and ambitious, flute soloist Belinda Scully wants to be a star. But fame can be dangerous. Someone is stalking her. Rejection stokes the fires of his lust. Her manager dies suddenly. NOPD Detective Frank Renzi believes he was murdered. But murder may not be the worst thing that Belinda must face.

Man School Manhood is becoming a lost art. In the days of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, a handshake was your word and your word was your bond. Integrity was valued, honesty was respected, and one's family was the most important thing in the world. If this sounds out-of-step with today's values, Michael Bronco agrees. In his opinion, our current culture of high divorce rates, overworked-parent households, television babysitters and internet addiction is the thing that's out-of-step.....with real manhood, that is. In this book, Michael explores what that means through stories from his own life and from the lives of others who have shaped his views. From his grandfather's tale of making an engagement ring out or a hollowed-out nickel to Michael's own struggle to build a cabin by hand, Man School is not just a look into what it once meant to be a man; it is about how to be a man right now, from owning your own actions to being a true husband and father to your children. Man School is and honest shot-to-the-balls book that will entertain you and get you thinking about life in a new way. Or as Michael would say, it will get you thinking about life in an old way. A real man's way. Your great-grandfather would be pleased.

Laughter Effects: Humor and Inspiration for Victims of Sociopaths Current research estimates the number of people afflicted with antisocial personality disorder as somewhere between 1 in 25 and 1 in 100. Whether it is a coworker, a friend, a family member or a spouse, an entanglement with a sociopath can turn your world upside down. Laughter Effects is designer and developed as a traveling companion for survivors on the road to recovery. We use humor to help neutralize the post traumatic stress associated with exiting a relationship with a sociopath.

Shards of War: Fleeing to and from Uzbekistan On June 24, 1941, Michael, 16, and his sister, 19, leave their home in Dubno in Ukraine, just ahead of the advancing German armies. Fleeing by foot and train, deep into Ukraine and beyond, the teens spend a brutal winter in a town near Stalingrad, where they nearly perish from hunger and cold. In July of 1942, they escape again ahead of the Germans' onslaught. The siblings' saga of loss, courage, and endurance is interlaced with accounts of critical events of the war and of the annihilation of the Jews in Ukraine, offering an important historical narrative of the challenges wartime refugees faced in the Soviet Union.

My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step out of Stepmom In rhythmic verse, My Bonus Mom!, shows children of divorced families that a positive attitude can lead to a happy outcome and springs open their hearts and minds to accept their own bonus moms. It captures the mixed emotions that surge through young children as they deal with divorce and adjust to remarriage. The children work through their feelings of dismay, fear and anger, and grow to love dad's new wife, whom they come to think of as their bonus mom. Twice the attention, twice the love, twice the fun and twice as many birthday presents! What's not to love?

Good Bite - Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy One of the country's fastest growing cooking websites, Good Bite has a simple mission—to bring together the Internet's best food bloggers and give them a platform to showcase their favorite everyday recipes in short, entertaining videos. Now, Good Bite Weeknight Meals compiles 120 recipes for quick and delicious family dinners from the site's most popular contributors. With recipes from well-known bloggers like Jaden Hair of the Steamy Kitchen and Catherine McCord of Weelicious along with mouthwatering full-color photographs from Matt Armendariz of Matt Bites, Good Bite Weeknight Meals brings the blog world's very best into the home kitchen.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Strikingly True For the legions of dedicated Ripley’s fans, and anyone else on the planet who loves unbelievable facts and jaw-dropping images, the latest annual in our bestselling series is a feast of delights. Be amazed at a portrait made from 200,000 dead ants, the man who traversed the English Channel by holding onto a bunch of balloons, and the single human hair featuring paintings of all 42 American presidents. A compendium of incredible and bizarre facts, stories, interviews and features, presented in a stunning new design, this book also drives readers to Ripley’s fully interactive website. There are intriguing interviews with some of the astounding individuals who are featured in the book that spotlight their achievements and reveal more about what motivates them.

The Life and Times of the Real Winnie-the-Pooh The real stuffed bear that became an international symbol of hope. The beloved characters of the Hundred Acre Wood were created by author A.A. Milne with the help of his wife and young son. Through the combined imagination of one family, a playtime fantasy turned into an international phenomenon. Winnie the Pooh soon outgrew his old home, leaving the Milnes far behind. This biographical reference traces the steps of the actual stuffed bear, the Milne family, and the loveable character they created. It is the recorded beginnings and development of the internationally recognized bedtime story.

Fish Facts This book is an entertaining guide for children to fish of all shapes, sizes, and habits. It provides all the basic information on classes, orders, and genera of fish as well as their breeding, feeding, and mating habits. This vibrantly illustrated book is a great addition to any classroom and gift for anyone who wants to learn about the creatures that inhabit much of our world.

The Picky Little Witch When Mama Witch concocts a special Halloween soup for her Little Witch, she adds eye of newt, spit of bug, and hair of slug. But Little Witch turns up her tiny nose at the culinary creation. She prefers such sticky sweets as butter toffee, caramel dandy, and cotton candy. Can these picky eaters come to a compromise? Complete with a recipe for Halloween soup, this fun read is a treat for children and parents alike.

The House that Witchy Built Children will creak, clap, flap, and rattle along to this story of Witchy's house and the creepy creatures that live inside. A ghost, a bat, a cat, and a skeleton are only a few of the characters haunting the house. Illustrated with exquisitely detailed cut-paper and collage, this Halloween tale invites interaction through repetition, onomatopoeia, and infectious rhyme.

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