Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally! CPSIA Testing of Children's Books....

Finally!  CPSIA Testing of Children's Books.... the Government comes to its senses!

If you're a publisher of children's books, then you'll be familiar with the Government's great new idea (begun, I believe, back in 2008) to have all children's products tested for lead and other chemicals that could be harmful.  While the idea behind this is good - we've all heard about the products coming from China containing all sorts of bad things, the Government never addressed how the heck publishers would get this done.  It was proving to be a requirement that would be quite expensive to obey and perhaps impossible for small/self-publishers.

The good news came a few days ago - both the House and Senate voted to exempt "ordinary" children's books from the law's testing requirements.  Yea!  You can read more about this recent move on SPAN's website.

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