Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Educational eBooks!


Mount Pleasant, S.C. (Aug. 19, 2011) –

As another innovative way to promote literacy and learning, Sylvan Dell Publishing will offer Animalogy: Animal Analogies free on its website through the month of September. Animalogy, written by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Cathy Morrison, teaches children all about analogies. Fun, catchy text helps children learn how to find the similarities between even the most incompatible animals…bat is to flit as eagle is to soar; dog is to bark as lion is to roar. Comparisons include sounds, physical adaptation, behaviors, and animal classes and are so fun, readers learn without even realizing it!

Sylvan Dell Publishing’s mission is to excite children’s imaginations with artistically spectacular science, math, and nature-themed stories. Founded in November of 2003, Sylvan Dell has grown to include more than 75 authors and illustrators in the United States and Canada, and 65 titles, winners of more than 70 book awards. They are proud to offer teachers and educators essential tools they need free online, including teaching activities, state standards, quizzes, and related websites. Each book also includes pages of educational activities in the back, to help parents and teachers make the most out of each reading experience.

To view Animalogy free, simply visit beginning September 1st . 

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