Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leads From Linda - The Art of Googling

The following is provided by Linda F. Radke of Five Star Publications. Please visit her sites (listed below the article). She has many great services for authors as well as wonderful books published through her company for the eager reader.

I did a Google search for "Arizona Library Lists" and discovered a list of free online resources. You can always buy a list or you can let your fingers do the walking through Google and find your way to free resources. You do not need to stop with a list of Arizona libraries - do your own searches and cover the country.

Are you trying to market your book(s) to librarians in Arizona? This link will take you to a list of Arizona libraries. The list includes government and public libraries. Visit each library listing and find the contact area. Pitch your book and your availability to give a library talk.

This list might be a little easier to use. Please note that not all links are active, but addresses and phone numbers are provided.

Arizona Library Association offers a list of libraries on their site.

I recommended mailing a flyer or postcard. Or you might want to consider a flyer with a handful of bookmarks. Often times librarians will give away bookmarks.

Do you feel overwhelmed by these lists? Don't feel that you need to conquer your mailing in one day. Commit yourself to pitching five libraries a day.

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