Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Leads from Linda - Site to Submit Articles

The mission of Diva Toolbox is to empower, educate, and entertain women. We seek to provide insight into issues that affect women, to inspire women to achieve, to educate women in both practical and intellectual subjects, and to create a supportive and nurturing community. Through your contribution the Diva Toolbox intends to present timely articles, engaging stories, powerful testimonials, and wise words from members of our community. Please fill out the form below to submit your article, and if you have any questions or need help submitting an article please e-mail us at

All pictures must be submitted using our image tool - we cannot add images after you have submitted your article. If you have any questions or need help inserting an image, please e-mail us at  

Leads from Linda is written by Linda F. Radke of Five Star Publications.  To learn more about Linda and the services Five Star offers, please visit the links below.

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