Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Another busy week at Feathered Quill Book Reviews!

Sarah didn't want to tell her. Mom would only say that she had made a promise to Marjorie that she hadn't kept, that she never kept her promises, that it was just like saying she would dust her room.

My Empty Heart
Sweet kisses
Warm hugs
A heart filled with endless love

"Wow. It sure is a small world. I want the full scoop on all of that, but right now I have to go save the world in court again."

"Stop using paper towels. You know those paper towels in the big jumbo packs? Well, I used to buy them like they were going out of style."

"All of the patients were sound asleep and I asked if everybody was ready to go. We were, but Sue left something in the breakroom...and...she found a dead body."

"You exchange experiences, insights, successes and setbacks in your journey toward and with God. The value is that everyone can gain support and learn from the experience of others who likewise are engaged in connecting with God."

"Too much success? Sounds crazy, we know. But not being prepared for an online home run can be a disaster."

"C is for colony. The colonists' settlement in the New World was called Plymouth Colony."

"It doesn't matter," she told herself as she pulled bak the hair from her face and looked at her returning color in her reflection in the bathroom mirror later that night. Everything will be okay on Saturday. Everyone will be saved."

"Well...then maybe you're wrong about what happened in the park. Maybe the shooter really is Chrissie and the squirrel fell out of the tree because...because it got dizzy."

If she'd asked him for the moon right now, he'd have started building a rocket. "Two months, then, but no more."

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  1. I am particularly interested in the Green Book and the children's books. Thanks. Great list of books!