Friday, July 2, 2010

Silly Thought of the Day

Last night, female author and reviewer, Amy Lignor, opened her front door to receive her normal evening delivery of Chinese food, and was met by a mob of angry authors who wanted to slice and dice her for daring to give them bad reviews of their ONE MILLIONTH book about vampires. The group of murderers was armed with pitchforks and copies of their horribly-written novels. Even though the team of Nelson and Schecker tried their best to save the poor woman, Amy was pummeled to death by the mass-market robots that were created inside Frankenstein’s laboratory (located just off to the side of Stephenie Meyer’s famous Twilight theme park.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, yes...this is Amy Lignor. And, believe me, considering the amount of book reviews I do on the internet for wanna-be Stephanie Meyers' authors - I am MORE than expecting my death to happen this way. Upside? I LOVE authors - especially debut novelists. As the daughter of a lifetime librarian, and a writer myself, I am THRILLED when I get a book in the mail that's the first for a writer who is about to realize their dream in print. So KEEP writing out there everyone...even if your characters do have to be sad and mopey with long, glittery teeth. :) Talk to you soon. Amy