Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Old Spice Guy on Libraries and The Written Word

Okay, this one is funny and just had to share...

Reprinted with permission of Publishers Weekly

By: Craig Morgan Teicher

“Written words are the non-pictures that convey anything 
to other minds.”  This is what The Old Spice Guy has to 
say about why books and libraries are important.  Genius.  
True! You may or may not have heard about a new campaign 
Old Spice is running featuring the handsome, shirtless, 
scene-switching man featured in recent commercials for 
Old Spice deodorant.  Now, he takes requests on the Old 
Spice You Tube channel–you can send in a question or topic, 
and maybe  he’ll vamp on it for a bit.  The above comes from 
a question about libraries.  

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