Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reviewer's Tip - Advance Reading Copy - Part 2

Back covers - hmmmm.... what to put on the back cover of an advance reading copy????  Remember, we're giving examples from the big, main, traditional (whatever you'd like to call them) presses.  The 'Big Boys' as I like to say.

Typically, at the top is a quote from somebody well-known in the genre of the book. The quote is a glowing, one or two sentence review. 

Next, there's a paragraph with a synopsis of the book.  It's going to be the most fun you've ever had; you'll learn more from this book than you learned in four years of college.  This is where you want to SELL your book. 

The third paragraph highlights the author.  Sell yourself here.  Why should the reader pick up your book?  You're an expert, right?  Refer to other books, your writing accomplishments, etc.  But please don't get carried away.  We once had a book where the author mentioned a writing award he received in elementary school!  Do you really think that will convince somebody to buy your book????

Next time, what else needs to be on the back cover?  Hint: think 'marketing campaign.'

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