Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Tips for Choosing Books for Children of All Ages

10 Tips for Choosing Books for Children of All Ages
Source: Family of Readers Advisor's Guide
Ages: 5-8, 9-12, 13+

·      Have children choose their own books as soon as they start showing a preference for one over another.
·      Find the children's section of your local library. Get to know the librarian, who can be a great resource.
·      Find out what your child is interested in, and help choose books that are related to his or her interests.
·      Ask friends, family, and teachers what books their children have enjoyed; try a book swap.
·      If your child does not like a book you are reading together, put it away. Reading is a fun time to share, not a time to fight.
·      Again, Again, Again! Children may want to read the same book many times, even if you think they have outgrown it. 
·      Use book lists generated by various literacy organizations; they usually have good suggestions. For example: American Library Association, International Reading Association, Children's Book Guild
·      Look for books that you will like reading aloud. Your enjoyment will shine through and become contagious.
·      Try out different kinds of books to see what appeals to your children.
·      Have fun! Show your children the joy of reading and how it can open up a brand new world!

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