Friday, May 7, 2010

6 Ways to Promote Your Book Online

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6 Ways to Promote Your Book Online

A lot of us have the dream of writing our own book. Whether it’s about our life, our hobbies or a book on how to do something, we want to share the word with others. Although, what may make it hard is just that, sharing it with others and getting people to find out about it. It may seem difficult, but if you consider a few of these ideas you will find that others will hear or discover your book rather quickly!

Website: People use the Internet for everything and when they’re interested in finding out about something they are going to search websites to find it. Create a website and promote your book online. Allow them to buy it or download it if it is an e-book.

Blog: Create a blog and blog about your book. The more content you have written about your book, the more opportunities you have to spread the word.

Social bookmarking: Once you’ve blogged, submit your post to a social bookmarking website. These update instantly and allow people on the website to find the newest posts. These can bring instant traffic and help you spread the word.

Message boards: Discuss your book online by using message boards. Find a message board that is talking about the types of books you’ve written about. Then, suggest to them the book you’ve written and describe it.

Press release: Try submitting a press release online. Have a catchy title and write a one page description of your book. If you submit it online, your story will be distributed to media outlets all around the world and it can appear on websites and in print.

Friends and family: Tell your friends and family members about your book. Explain what it’s about, who would like it and ask them to spread the word. A great way they can spread the word is through e-mail. E-mail them and submit a link to your website or blog and have them forward this e-mail to the people on their contacts list. This will then bring those people to your website or blog that is promoting your book.

Creating your own book is very exciting! It feels good to get your words down on paper and to share with others what you’re thinking or your creativity and imagination. So, if you’ve written a book, be sure to promote it online in these few ways!

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