Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tales from the Editor's Desk

We're very excited to announce a new weekly column for our blog. Every Wednesday, beginning September 9, 2009, Barbara Ardinger, a freelance editor will be offering her wisdom on editing books, the mistakes she has seen authors make (and that you can avoid) in writing/editing their own books. In Barbara's words:

"In addition to having earned a Ph.D. in English, I have worked, off and on, as a freelance editor and authors' co-conspirator for 20-odd years. Translating "engineerese" into "gooder English," I have taken engineers' user-hostile rough draft and turned it into user-friendly manuals and proposals on subjects like "special nuclear material" (plutonium) containment, computer operating systems, and incomprehensible new inventions.

As a published author, I've also been on the other side of the editing process. My own books have been edited. (Yikes!) As a book reviewer and magazine columnist, I've also had my work edited by other professionals. I also know how skillful editing helps make good ideas clearer and more accessible."

Barbara will be relating tales of what to do/not do with your book manuscript by relating stories of what she's had to deal with during her freelance career. We're excited to have Barbara join Feathered Quill's blog and hope you enjoy her posts. Learn more about Barbara at:

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