Monday, September 14, 2009

Self-Promotion or Death: PR Tips from Sara Dobie

This goes for big publishing houses, as well as self-published authors. For me, it’s review copy time. We just received bulk shipments of our final fall release (Baby Owl’s Rescue), and I’ve sent out over a hundred review copies in the past three days. As wonderful and exciting as review copy submission is, it’s more than putting a book in an envelope and taping a label on the front. It’s about prep work and follow up. When you’re submitting review copies, you first prepare. You email your reviewers to say “HEY! Don’t forget about me!” and ask if they have an updated address or anything else that might affect your mailing. Then, once you’ve mailed the book, you send them an email that says, “HEY! The book is coming! Can’t wait to read your review!” Then, there’s the follow up. About a month after you’ve sent the review copy, you need to email your reviewers again and say, “HEY! Did you receive my book? Whatdya think?” I don’t want you to harp on your reviewers or stalk them. I do want you to keep them informed. The more informed they are, the more familiar they’ll be with you and the more likely it’ll be that they will write a positive review for your new title.

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