Monday, September 28, 2009

Self-Promotion or Death: PR Tips from Sara Dobie

WRITE. Duh. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I’m serious. You’re a writer, aren’t you? You’re good at writing. You have writing advice for others. So when was the last time you wrote an article about character development? What about a column on the topic of climax and resolution? You know about this stuff. You know the ins and outs—the creative and structural techniques that work and don’t. So why not share those techniques with your knowledge-thirsty audience? Write an article. Do some homework to see where it would fit. (Or vice versa, really. Find a website you like and write something catered to that website.) Whatever chicken-or-the-egg technique you use, WRITE. And then, submit your article for inclusion on an industry blog. Submit it to magazines. Submit it to writing newsletters. Anywhere your article might fit, submit it. It’s free advertising! (And hey, some places even PAY for this sort of thing!) This builds your reputation as Author Extraordinaire. It spreads word of your book, because of course, you will include a bio, including all your website/ISBN info, RIGHT?! It will make a name for you, which will make a name for your book. It’s a free and easy way to develop a fan following, and all you had to do was be a writer and WRITE!

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