Friday, September 11, 2009

Reviewers Tip - Submission Guidelines

"Please follow Submission Guidelines"- sounds simple, doesn't it? But we're always amazed at how many authors fail to do just that. Every review site gets plenty of submissions from authors who don't bother to read the instructions. We're guessing they must simply find the address for review sites and then do a mass mailing. At Feathered Quill, we have simple, but specific, guidelines. For example, we say, "DO NOT send unsolicited manuscripts or books" (and yes, 'DO NOT' is capitalized in the directions). Still, we get plenty of unsolicited submissions. Perhaps the author/publicist/publisher missed that point or maybe they figured once we get a look at the great book, we'll just have to review it. Nope. These books go directly to the recycle bin, even those that look fantastic.

Our guidelines say to select the book's genre from our list and if the genre you need does not appear, then PLEASE contact us before submitting your book. We want to make sure we'll have a reviewer capable of reviewing that book and giving it the attention it deserves. But again, time after time, we get submissions with the genre listed as "other."

It really is simple - read the guidelines for each review site and then follow them! Your book will get reviewed quicker and you'll keep the reviewers happy.

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