Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Become a Fan

Really?  Are you serious?  Book giveaways & promotions have become so popular on the internet that it seems like consumers have their pick of what to win.  Book giveaways for new books, old books, new authors, old authors, yada, yada, throw in an ipad to juice it up and you've got a contest worth entering.  Really?  Then why do so many of these contests have trouble attracting entrants???   Could it be the hoops some of these contests expect entrants to jump?  

Today, I received a contest notification with their requirements (names removed):

>>To enter you must visit the contest page and fill out the entry form after completing at least one of the following actions (each action completed counts as an entry into the giveaway).
  • Visit the XXX Facebook page and become a fan
  • Invite at least 10 friends to become a fan of the XXX Facebook page.
  • Share a link to this contest page on your own Facebook page or on Twitter.
  • Write a blog post linking to this contest page.
Really?  Are you serious?  You want me to do your work for you?  You want me to find Facebook friends for you???  I don't think so.  I have a lot of other things to do today.

So, if you want to draw entrants to YOUR contest, keep it simple!  Have a page where entrants can fill out a quick, easy form.  Many people won't even fill out a form if the information then goes up on the page - they don't want spammers and others getting their name/emails.  So again, keep it simple!