Monday, March 18, 2024

#Bookreview of Mark's Way by Thomas Willis

Mark's Way

By: Thomas Willis
Publisher: Tifton Press
Publication Date: July 2023
ISBN: 979-8989305209
Reviewed by: Diana Coyle
Review Date: March 15, 2024
When Jim Herbert decided to have a quick fling with a pretty woman, Tanya Griffin, who he met at a local bar, he could never have imagined that night would be the catalyst for his life changing forever. Now, being charged with suspicion of murder, Jim must find a way to prove his innocence in Mark's Way, a thriller that lives up to the name "thriller."
Who would have thought a night of some fun could turn so seriously out of control for both Jim and Tanya? After waking, he realized he not only had to treat his pounding headache, but also needed to leave before things got awkward in the morning for the both of them. He decided to help himself to some aspirin in Tanya’s medicine cabinet, but in the process dropped the water glass, which caused it to shatter all over the bathroom floor. Quickly trying to clean up the mess and not disturb snoring Tanya, Jim cut himself badly and left blood all over the bathroom. During all the commotion, Tanya hadn’t budged and just kept snoring away. When Jim finally left her apartment, he not only made sure the door was locked behind him, but he also knew this was going to be a one-time fling. A short time later, when the police came to arrest him, things went from bad to worse in a hurry.
Mark Price and Jim became friends years ago when Jim was still married to Julie. Although they grew apart in their marriage, they shared custody with their special needs daughter, Libby. Jim was Libby’s world and they were extremely close. Julie believed Jim was innocent and would do anything to help him prove it, so she asked their mutual friend, Mark, to look into Jim’s case. Mark received top notch training in the Special Forces and had served his time during the Vietnam War. If anyone could find the person who framed Jim, it was Mark. Being visited in jail by Mark was a surprise Jim didn’t see coming, but a welcomed one when Mark decided to help Jim prove his innocence. Why was Jim framed for murder, and by whom? Can Mark find enough evidence before Jim is put to death for a murder he didn’t commit?
Readers will immediately be pulled into this riveting thriller. As you turn the pages, each chapter is dedicated to a specific character whose story will unfold specific details, little by little, that will lead you further along this harrowing tale. Each chapter builds on the last, which makes the story more intriguing by the minute. This is a thriller in which readers will find themselves gripping their books tighter than usual because they can’t help but become so entangled in Jim’s unfortunate life-changing circumstances. Willis does an excellent job placing the reader in Jim’s shoes and having them worry as each day ticks by, wondering if evidence will be found that will exonerate him. This reviewer enjoyed following Mark as he tried speaking with people who he hoped would provide enough evidence to free Jim of his life-altering criminal charge. Clearly you could see how Mark’s Special Forces training led him from one lead to another – making sure he obtained the information he was looking for from each of his contacts. He was on a mission to find evidence to help Jim, and he stopped at nothing to do it. Without a doubt you hope that Mark would be the right man, at the right time, to find the evidence that truly proved Jim’s innocence.
Quill says: Mark’s Way is one thriller where readers will find their pulse quickening and their hearts pounding. It comes highly recommended by this reviewer!

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