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#Bookreview of Embers of Shadow: Ages of Malice, Book 3

Embers of Shadow: Ages of Malice, Book 3

By: Lloyd Jeffries
Published by: Buckminster Publishing
Publication Date: April 28, 2024
ISBN: 979-8-9855269-7-4
Reviewed By: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: March 18, 2024
Embers of Shadow, book 3 in the Ages of Malice series by Lloyd Jeffries, is without a doubt the best one yet. I have been lucky enough to review all of the books thus far in this series and I can say without a doubt they just keep getting better and better. This author is obviously creating the series with deep thought and care so that his readers get the absolute best he has to offer with each new story. I really do not have the words to explain how much I love them and how much I recommend each of the books to everyone out there.
In Embers of Shadow we really get two stories in one. On one side of the world, in the Middle East, we have our favorite broken-down addict and biographer Emery Merrick. Emery is spending most of his time watching as our old friend Cain (in everyone’s opinion, the Antichrist) embarks on and apparently succeeds in staging a coup that will change the face of the world. Also on this side of the world are two of our other favorite characters, both immortal, just like Cain. There is Longinus, always by Cain’s side and doing his bidding, and Igneus, who is out there trying to stop Cain. Poor Emery, as always, is caught in the middle as he attempts to figure out how to help destroy a madman and fix the world, all the while wondering what has happened to the love of his life, Rhyme.
On the other side of the world, in the United States, we find Rhyme, Cain’s wife and Emery’s ex-wife, fighting to stay alive as she tries to escape from the FBI, Cain, and the president of the United States, among others. With the help of an old friend, Rhyme’s own intelligence, and an amazing Doberman pincher named Houdini, she might just survive long enough to join forces with Emery and stop her insane and evil husband before he destroys the world and the love of her life.
Embers of Shadow is a spectacular story that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end. Lloyd Jeffries has created a riveting series with very compelling characters. He is an amazing storyteller and shows readers this yet again with a story that is extremely well-written and well-developed and filled with wonderful and very descriptive worlds that just pull you right in. The characters, each and every one, are fabulous, and each is a perfect addition to the story. As always, this book is packed with action, suspense, politics, and religion that make it a roller coaster ride of excitement. With the fascinating characters, unexpected twists and turns, and an ending that will blow you away even as you beg for more, there is nothing about Embers of Shadow that is wrong. I honestly read the book in one sitting and I am guessing that will be the case for many of you. Add this to your list of must-reads right now. You will not be disappointed!
Quill says: Embers of Shadow: Ages of Malice, Book 3 is the best of so many worlds...a perfect addition to the series, an exciting thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, and best of all only the third book and we know there are more to come. What more could any reader want?
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