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#Bookreview of Copper and His Rescue Friends

Copper and His Rescue Friends

By: Pam Atherstone
Publication Date: July 17, 2023
ISBN: 978-0997927177
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: March 19, 2024
Pam Parten Atherstone
A story full of love, hope, and friendship awaits readers of Pam Atherstone's newest book, Copper and His Rescue Friends.
Copper is a beautiful young dog who is half Labrador Retriever and half Irish Setter. When just a young puppy, he left his littermates to be taken to a loving home where he met a special young girl by the name of Amber. With fur the color of a newly minted penny, Amber named her new puppy Copper. At first, things were great - the two spent all their time together, going for walks, sleeping together, and playing together. But after about two years of living with his loving family, Amber no longer wanted to play. She stayed in bed all the time, until one day, her parents took the little girl away. Copper never saw his sweet best friend again. And then the arguing started. Amber's parents fought all the time, and poor Copper didn't understand what was happening. The lovable dog just wanted Amber to return home.
Not long after the fighting started, Amber's dad took Copper for a ride. It was a long ride and eventually the car stopped on an isolated road. Copper was afraid to get out of the car, but he was pulled out by Amber's dad. And then the car drove away! Copper was confused and frightened. He didn't know where he was or what to do...
Copper stayed in the spot where Amber's dad had thrown out the dog bed and food and waited for the car to come back. But it never came. The next day, Copper wandered along the road, found an old, discarded chair to sleep on that night, and then continued walking the following day. Fortunately, Copper was about to meet a wonderful woman by the name of Miss Lily, who would change Copper's life for the better. Miss Lily was extremely patient with the confused dog as she coaxed him into her car and again when, once at the rescue, Copper was too afraid to get out of her car. Eventually, however, Copper settled into his new life at the rescue and made new friends. And each of Copper's new friends had a story to tell - a story of their own rescue. These stories take up the bulk of Copper and His Rescue Friends and each one will draw you in and make you wonder about how cruel some people can be and also the kindness that other humans show our dog and cat companions.
Author Pam Atherstone has done a wonderful job engaging readers in a story that showcases the plight of so many dogs and cats. Told in the first person by Copper, the reader sees things through the dog's eyes - the joy of playing with Amber, the confusion when she goes away forever, and the fear a dog endures when his family literally throws him away like trash. The book is really a collection of short stories, with Copper's presence asking questions of his friends as he hears their stories the connecting element. Many different situations that bring dogs to a rescue, from the death of an owner to a dog that has to wear a "cage on his face" (a muzzle), are presented. The stories do tackle life-changing situations (the death of a family member to abuse), but the author does an admirable job of not dwelling on those events, but instead briefly explaining what happened and then moving on to the positive outcomes for each animal. Copper and His Rescue Friends is a book that brings the important job of rescue to light and one that young dog and cat lovers will devour.
Quill says: Copper and His Rescue Friends is a story that will draw young readers into the lives of some amazing animals and may even inspire some of them to learn more about rescuing animals.
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