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#Bookreview of Wildflower Wisdom: Your Frequency i$ Your Currency

Wildflower Wisdom: Your Frequency i$ Your Currency

By: Kathie Kalafatis
Publication Date: December 12, 2023
ISBN: 979-8866707539
Reviewed by: Rebecca Jane Johnson
Review Date: December 14, 2023

Wildflower Wisdom mixes genres: it is a tender-hearted memoir, a contemplative psychology essay, and a self-help guidebook, all in one. Plus, it includes beautiful visual art.

Kalafatis introduces the reader to insights she has gleaned from her own spiritual awakening, guided by a Native American spirit whom she calls “Princess Wildflower.” Kalafatis and Princess Wildflower encourage us to become more aware of energetic frequencies and vibrational forces that impact our lives every day. This book shows the ways that dream work, astral projection, affirmation, meditation, and music can elevate consciousness to transform our lives. The central insights assert that our energy, health, intentions, dreams, relationships, creativity, etc., are all forms of currency. We are rich with experiential knowledge, and this book helps us learn to invest wisely in the unique assets that adorn our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Appealing to memoir readers, this book offers plenty of personal anecdotes. The author describes her experiences with astral projection and lucid dreaming. These experiences lend to her nuanced understanding of karma, manifestation, joy, resilience, ethics, and compassion. The author lost her father when she was young, and her connection to Princess Wildflower helped her cope with grief. She learned first-hand how to transform sadness, anger, and frustration into productivity that includes writing, art, business, and activism.

When describing a nuanced way to understand past, present, and future, Kalafatis expresses profound wisdom: “When torsion, generated by time energy, ripples through the Aether, it transmits information instantaneously across the entire cosmic fabric.” Time and our thoughts are currency. And this book reads like one is sitting in the presence of a sagacious advisor who reminds us that our thoughts are currency. Spend wisely. If these concepts seem somewhat cryptic, the book includes exercises to bring it down to Earth. For mental well-being, there is an exercise called, “Thought Traveling the Energy Torsion Field.” This exercise embraces the Mirror Theory of Russian astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev. Torsion, as a phenomenon that is faster than the speed of light, helps our consciousness time travel in order to heal old wounds and set up ideal circumstances for the future.

This book is not afraid to bring in CIA studies of young girls from spiritual families and their psychic abilities. It also mentions Kaia Ra's The Sophia Code, which can be considered a companionable read to this book, as both speak to the intersection of quantum physics and human consciousness. But the central thread of this text is to get the reader to accept that various aspects of being human are currency.

“Just as with financial investments, it’s essential to manage emotional capital wisely.” This book contains tips, such as keeping the body healthy by drinking water infused with prayer and positivity. And it explains clearly the physics behind prayer-infused water.

As the author writes, “In the grand economy of life, creativity and passion are currencies that never deplete; but, instead, multiply with use,” which is an inspiring message that conveys the importance of cultivating creativity in our lives.

The lessons she encourages us to learn from wildflowers include rewilding ourselves while reducing the use of pesticides. Embracing our own wildflower nature means realizing our resilience and embracing uniqueness. Ultimately, we can enjoy currency as the state of flow where we are completely immersed in an activity where it feels like time stands still and we feel to be our best selves. This book offers practices for living in flow, including instruction on In-Flow Journaling. Other topics include the fractal patterns of leaves, sacred geometry, and exercises in numerology. This is a thorough journey into the realms of relating to the subtle world.

Quill says: Wildflower Wisdom gives inspiration, true stories, and sagacious advice to raise our consciousness while it opens our sense perception to embrace our richness and value that exists in just being alive and unique.

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