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#BookReview of Goat Rope by K.A. Bachus

Goat Rope (The Charlemagne Files)

By: K.A. Bachus
Publication Date: December 9, 2023
ISBN: 979-8987169056
Reviewed by: Kathy Stickles

Goat Rope, the tenth book in The Charlemagne Files series by K. A. Bachus, is an excellent story with a riveting plot and one that I, having never read a book from the series before, was able to jump right in, understand what was going on, and immerse myself in the novel.
In Goat Rope, we are introduced to Christine Barton, a Vermont state trooper who witnesses a murder while she is out walking her dog on a beautiful morning in a Montreal park. Christine takes shelter in a nearby house to hide from the killer. Unfortunately, that house is filled with members of a secret and very powerful group of spies called Charlemagne. Christine quickly realizes she may not have found a place of safety. These deadly spies, who are employed to conduct black operations for foreign governments may actually be more enemies than friends. Christine quickly finds out that leaving the house is not going to be an option.
Charlemagne has been hired to find and eliminate another group, one of political assassins that is extremely rich and very hard to find. As the members of this elite force attempt to find the difference between what is real and what is fake, Christine becomes their pawn as they use her as a way to gain information in order to complete their mission. What happens to Christine during this process is not something that Charlemagne cares about at all. As Christine and the group are forced to work together toward their end goals, they find themselves in the middle of a very disorganized and confused effort where it is not clear who will survive and who may not make it out alive - a great example of a "goat rope."
Author K. A. Bachus has given readers a fabulous addition to the Charlemagne files and I loved every moment of the ride. This is espionage and a true thriller at its best. The plot is riveting and packed full of action on every single page. The story is extremely well-developed and the pace is perfect - there are no points where things slow down to the point of wanting to skip a page - I was glued to the story throughout. It is full of many twists and turns that will keep every reader on the edge of their seat as they wait to see what happens next. In addition, these characters are very well-written. From the heroes to the villains (and sometimes it is a little hard to tell which is which), each of them is perfect. They all, also, have imperfections, which makes them come alive. Add in the dialogue that is quite realistic and you have the perfect mix to make a believable story.
Goat Rope is definitely a book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a great thriller that is packed with action, spies, and an excellent storyline. Because this is book 10 and the first one I have read, I must say that I am hooked and will be going back to read the other books in the series - I want to learn more about this group of government agents known as Charlemagne.
Quill says: Goat Rope is the perfect example of a true thriller with plenty of twists and turns - it will keep you guessing until the very end.
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