Tuesday, December 19, 2023

#AuthorInterview with Kathie Kalafatis, author of Wildflower Wisdom

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Rebecca Jane Johnson is talking with Kathie Kalafatis, author of Wildflower Wisdom: Your Frequency i$ Your Currency.

FQ: Wildflower Wisdom: Your Frequency is Your Currency offers so many gems for us to reflect on. Your insights help us embrace the idea that our perceptions, sense of time, emotions, relationships, frequencies, creativity, and more are all forms of currency. In the book, you say you gained your insights from listening to the teachings of a wisdom being named “Wildflower Princess.” Can you describe a ritual readers might do in her honor, to express gratitude for these teachings through you?

KALAFATIS: A beautiful way to express gratitude and cultivate a sense of connection to “Princess Wildflower” is to plant wildflower seeds, either in your garden or in a pot. Envision each seed as a symbol of the wisdom you've acquired from the book. With the blossoming of each wildflower, perceive it as a mirror reflecting your inner growth and the transformation you're undergoing.

FQ: You are a writer, artist, CEO, mother, and so much more; what is your secret to keeping inspired and energized to accomplish so much? 

KALAFATIS: We are all here for a short visit, so I see each day as an opportunity to pluck at the strings of consciousness and watch the ripple effect expand outward. It's the act of creating that inspires and excites me, driving me to keep pushing forward. I never know what path a new spark of imagination will take me down, but it’s never boring.

FQ: In this book, you mention Kaia Ra’s The Sophia Code; can you describe that book and how it impacted your creative life? 

KALAFATIS: 'The Sophia Code' isn't just a book to read; it's an experiential journey that beckons those prepared for its wisdom. Through Kaia Ra's channeling of divine ascended master teachers, this book unlocks your inner wisdom, awakens your goddess energy, and strengthens your divine connection to ancient teachings. It awakened mine.

FQ: Your book mentions torsion, an idea that time is not linear but that all times are happening all the “time.” What insights arise for you when you consider quantum physics relationship to the human psyche, Cosmic Consciousness, and well-being?

KALAFATIS: I believe quantum physics has opened our eyes to a universe that's bursting with possibilities and connections beyond our wildest dreams. Torsion, in particular, sheds light on how our thoughts and intentions shape this quantum reality, molding potential into actuality. From a psychological standpoint, it underscores the interconnectedness of our past, present, and future experiences, revealing a web of experiences that isn't isolated but beautifully intertwined. This awareness, in turn, fosters a profound sense of unity, purpose, and a deeper connection to the cosmos. Recognizing that time isn't a rigid line and that our consciousness plays a pivotal role in the quantum realm encourages us to be more mindful, intentional, and manifest more positive energies into our lives.

FQ: What are wise emotional investments people can make each day to nurture healthy relationships? 

KALAFATIS: Reach out more. Many people feel isolated and lonely. Most people just want to know they matter. Send a text, make a call, schedule a visit. Engaging more with your community is vital to maintaining and strengthening your emotional connections to one another and to your common purpose. Small gestures make a world of difference. For instance, I deliver coffee to my parents every morning as a way to convey their importance in my life. Be kind and hug more.

FQ: You are also an ecological activist, and your creative work brings awareness to the connection between hope and humanity. What do you see today that gives you hope?

Author Kathie Kalafatis

KALAFATIS: The human spirit gives me hope. I know it's hard when we are inundated with all the tragedies happening around us in the world. There is just a tremendous amount of suffering—war, famine, disease—that can make us feel overwhelmed and bring a sense of hopelessness. But that’s not what I focus on. I focus on our collective humanity. I focus on the potential we have as human beings to love each other, to learn from our past mistakes and to forgive each other. Forgiveness is the greatest gift we can bestow upon ourselves. It allows for growth and change. As long as there is forgiveness there is a path forward to a brighter better future. I believe that darkness cannot exist in the light, so I just keep shining my light bigger and brighter, and I encourage others to do the same. We can’t control what is happening around us, but we can control how we respond to it. Get involved in local activism to make a positive impact and make a difference where you can.

FQ: What are strategies a busy person can use to make space for, and stay committed to, creative projects?

KALAFATIS: I actually schedule an appointment with myself. By doing that I’m telling myself that I’m important. We tend to prioritize showing up for others, but showing up for ourselves is one of the greatest forms of respect there is. My creative time is written in my weekly calendar. I don’t necessarily plan what it is I’m going to do, because I don’t know what I might be in the mood for, but that time is for me, and it gives me the freedom to explore and create in a consistent way.

FQ: In your book, you reference CIA studies of human consciousness that you learned from reading declassified documents. Can you tell us a little bit about your research methods, approaches, and lessons for this book?

KALAFATIS: Researching for this book involved a multifaceted approach that combined various methods and resources. I read a lot, in fact my entire bed is covered with books, notebooks, journals, and other documents that I’ve come across in my quest for higher knowledge. But my research for this book started many years ago, studying existing literature on the topics of consciousness, quantum physics, energy healing, and metaphysics to establish a foundation. I used the internet to access scientific studies, academic papers, and credible articles related to these subjects. To validate metaphysical practices, I examined declassified CIA documents, particularly those related to the Stargate program. However, it’s my firsthand experiences that’s really helped me to relate complex concepts to everyday life and make them more accessible to readers. My exploration through lucid dreaming and astral projections often led me into unexpected realms of discovery, with my spirit guides filling in the gaps. In a remarkable instance, I saw the book's title with my name as the author during an astral projection before I even knew I would write it. Throughout the book, I was guided by my higher self, my primary spirit guide, Princess Wildflower, and exercises I shared with my O.W.L.S Group over the years. These exercises were carefully selected to align with the book's purpose.

FQ: You include breathtaking visual artwork in this book, I especially loved The Lyran Sunkat encounter with Arcturian. Can you talk about yourself as a visionary? How do these visions arise in you? 

KALAFATIS: The idea for the Lyran Sunkat came to me during a profound astral journey back to what I believe is my soul's home planet, Lyra. In that moment, I saw myself in a reflection, and it sparked the vision for this concept. I've always had a habit of recording these experiences right away, so I don't lose the freshness of the imagery and emotions. I use Procreate on my iPad to bring those visions to life, making them tangible for future reference and exploration.

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