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#BookReview of The Wolf Esprit: The Lykanos Chronicles, Book Three

The Wolf Esprit: The Lykanos Chronicles, Book Three

By: Joseph Stone
Publisher: Silver Lion Publishing
Publication Date: October 13, 2023
Reviewed by: Tripti Kandari
Review Date: October 3, 2023
The Wolf Esprit exhibits Joseph Stone's writing propensity for visceral examination of human passions and the human psyche, juxtaposed with uncompromising gore.
The plot revolves around Esprit, a charismatic and gifted youngster who is a member of a nomadic performing group in France. While basking in the spotlight of public theatrical life, he strives to maintain his secret: his attraction to men. In his quest to keep his secret and seek his father's acceptance, who scorns his sexuality, Esprit's life fluctuates in such a way that he is left battling with his very essence. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when Maximillian (Max), an enigmatic man with dual identities as an aristocrat and a ferocious Lycan, enters his life. Esprit is a Lycan, a revelation that promises to alter his life forever...
Once his wolf is "set free," Esprit will secure immortality and Lycan world powers, making him a part of this new world and eternity. A new realm, steeped in ancient traditions and caring support of Max and his exceptionally powerful wife Gabrielle, awaits him, offering him emancipation from all of humanity's judgments and prejudices. But freedom would come at the cost of a wrenching decision: severing all links with his human family, forever.
As Esprit traverses the world of lycanthropy, he is confronted with the dark and callous traditions and customs of this unchartered realm. Little does he realize that another twist of fate awaits him as he crosses the intriguing Duncan, a mentor and companion who will help him understand the complexities of his hidden talents and abilities. Navigating the complexity of this new universe, however, is going to prove far more difficult than Esprit could have expected. Vicious power struggles are evident, and ancient rivalries seethe, threatening to shatter the love and affection that has sneaked its way into Esprit's life.
Joseph Stone leads readers on a journey through time and space that oscillates between gripping intrigue and chilling gore. From France to Venice to New York, these locations not only serve as plot backdrops; they become integral to the story's fabric. As Esprit struggles to come to terms with his new identity as a Lycan and the intricate realm of lycanthropy, these locales become an arena of tests and revelations. Each backdrop presents him with fresh challenges and revelations, forcing him to confront his desires and instincts and make difficult decisions. Within this narrative, the story functions as a bildungsroman – a tale of self-discovery and personal growth – set against intrigues, skirmishes, and hidden truths. Overall, the novel is a riveting read for those who enjoy immersive world-building and skillful character development. However, the novel contains grisly scenes of violence and gore, as well as explicit sexual themes. While these components are essential to the narrative's topics and character development, potential readers should examine their preferences before diving into the novel.
Quill says: The Wolf Esprit is a fusion of gothic intrigue and the complexity of human passions that spans decades and continents while defying the boundaries between realism and fantasy.
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