Tuesday, October 31, 2023

#BookReview of Lock's Galactic Mess by Jack Cullen

Lock's Galactic Mess (Lock Ferguson vs. the Aliens, Book One)

By: Jack Cullen
Publisher: Evolved Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: September 12, 2023
ISBN: 979-8-89025-000-1
Reviewed by: Kathy Stickles
Review Date: October 31, 2023
I can honestly say that I have never had as much fun reading a book as I did while reading Lock’s Galactic Mess. This is a book for everyone that combines the Science-Fiction genre and lots of adventure with a huge dose of comedy that readers will remember long after they close the cover. I honestly cannot say enough good things about the book.
Lock’s Galactic Mess is the story of Loughlin “Lock” Ferguson who, as a teenager, was abducted by aliens. Living in a very small town, as soon as he was returned to Earth, Lock confided in his cousin Tavish who immediately told the whole school and the secret was no longer a secret. Fast forward to the present, Lock is now in his 50’s, has never left this small New Hampshire town, and is working as a janitor and his cousin is now the mayor of the town. While attempting to put his town on the map and bring in tourists, Tavish has set up a UFO seminar and wants Lock to attend and tell his story. Lock agrees, although he is definitely not happy about the idea, and brings along his roommate and best friend Stella, a woman who is a veteran and believes highly in fighting, drinking, owning as many guns as possible, and teasing Lock mercilessly even though she is the one person who will always be there to shield him from anyone else who tries to make fun of him.
As the reader quickly finds out after the seminar, the alien who abducted Lock is now back and fixated on using Lock as a weapon to take over the Earth. With a lot of help from a very friendly alien named KayCee, whose goal is to protect Lock and save the universe, as well as Stella, Tavish, and some other new friends, Lock sets out to save the world and somehow stop the alien’s plans for destruction and domination. Without giving anything away, I must say that the adventure that follows is one of the most creative and interesting plots I have ever read in a book.
In Lock’s Galactic Mess, author Jack Cullen has shown readers how very talented he is. This is a hilarious and extremely well-written story that showcases the author’s wit and creativity. There is so much action, both on Earth and in space, and just when you think you have something figured out, the author throws in a new twist that completely changes everything. Stories such as this are very hard to come by and we need to grab them when we can and hold on.
What really brings the whole story together is the amazing characters that Cullen has created. Every single one of them, from the main character to those around him lending their knowledge and support, are so well-developed. In addition, they all have such varied and different personalities, both human and alien, that the reader becomes very involved with each one. You will truly route for each and every one.
Lock’s Galactic Mess is simply marvelous. It is a creative story with incredible characters that will make you laugh-out-loud throughout. I cannot recommend it enough, regardless of what genre of story you enjoy. The only bad part is that now we have to wait for Book 2 in the series to find out what happens next for these amazing characters. I, for one, really hope it does not take too long.
Quill says: Lock's Galactic Mess is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. It combines everything great about a story...an excellent plot, wonderful characters, lots of adventure, and tons of humor. It is absolutely riveting and tons of fun. Do not miss it!
For more information on Lock's Galactic Mess (Lock Ferguson vs. the Aliens, Book One), please visit the author's website: https://jackcullenwrites.com/

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