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#BookReview of The Sins of Kings: The Last of the Valdryz, Book One

The Sins of Kings: The Last of the Valdryz, Book One

By: Daniel Thomas Valente
Publisher: Barrente Publishing
Publication Date: October 24, 2023
ISBN: 979-8988647515
Reviewed by: Ephantus Gold
Review Date: October 6, 2023
The Sins Of Kings: The Last of the Valdryz, Book One by Daniel Thomas Valente features two youths who are weighed down by the anticipations and vices of their ancestries.
Darrin Cantlay became a rover at eighteen, after joining the Eyes of the Forest. He had walked away from the lordship of his father and consequently renounced any future claim to the lands he once called home. His first mission after taking the Oath of the Eyes was in the Nauringale Forest, where he intended to prove to his companions that he was not a Tin Horse but an Iron Horse. With two of his colleagues by his side, he fearlessly marched deeper into the forest only to be stopped by the gruesome sight of a pair of maimed legs in a pair of seemingly royal boots. As the three colleagues try to grasp the horrible scene, a crashing noise explodes from behind a fallen tree pushing the slow-moving adrenaline levels in their veins to extreme highs. The frightened trio catches a glimpse of a bloodthirsty creature with black and red glowing eyes, but no sooner do they scatter into different directions for safety than a second figure cloaked in brown and green approaches them, stating these words, “The beast shall trouble you no more. Come with me! Your trials are at an end.”
Elsewhere, readers are introduced to Princess Edlen and her predicament. She is a royal and the daughter of the Primacy of the Realm. She feels trapped by her lineage and duties and frustrated that she cannot decide her future for herself. Her most treasured possession is a dress of the commoners, which she one day gladly puts on, so she can roam the city unnoticed. She is stunned, as she roams freely in the streets disguised by the apparel, by a stranger who stops her to inquire of the whereabouts of one Edlen Graymere. He wants to appeal to her for support for a proposal that may see an ancient injustice abolished, but unbeknownst to Edlen, the stranger has already figured out her actual identity. Soon, a nearby kingdom will throw both Darrin's and Edlen's lives into turmoil. Will they discover their inner strength or be brought down during the ensuing struggles?
Author Valente has created a tale whose twists gives the statement, "everyone fears what they do not understand," a momentous meaning. The protagonists are young, likable, and ambitious and they both find themselves scared of executing life-altering duties. Their resilience, inspired by hearty conversations, help, and advice from other well-hewn characters, makes this a thrilling fantasy novel that will inundate a reader's mind with its epic battles, mysteries, and life-ending threats. The tale is suspenseful and ably turns around a reader's perspective toward age and experience, as they reflect on the unbelievably immense tasks given to both protagonists.
Both Darrin's and Edlen's personalities and adherence evolve with every new chapter, and readers will want to see how they sail through catastrophic events that end up redefining their view of life. In addition, Edlen's desire to help the common people is a brilliant concept, one that will easily win a reader's heart. which is a brilliant concept that will easily win a reader's heart. The portrayal of her raw emotions and defiance toward royalty will certainly make her a fan favorite.
Quill says: The Sins of Kings is a read that mature fantasy enthusiasts will love to have, due to its unpredictability and satisfying finish.

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